USDA’s Journey: On-Prem to the Cloud

There are many benefits of moving SAP systems to the cloud, but migrating business-critical applications is a massive undertaking and often means ceding control and visibility into infrastructure security, operations and maintenance. Choosing the right business partner is crucial to ensure the applications at the core of your business are stable, secure and compliant throughout this process.  

When the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) first started their move to the cloud, security was top of mind. As they transitioned their stack, they had to evolve their security strategy to focus more on monitoring the controls and processes of their external partners versus performing the day-to-day security work themselves. But, this monitoring proved to be challenging, specifically around SAP security. “It was a very manual process to make sure that security notes were applied on time, make sure the configurations were done properly, and keep up with SAP best practices with those configurations,” says Tim Howell, IT Specialist at USDA. He and his team were looking for a security solution that could scan the systems and ensure that patches were being applied properly. 


Through partnership with Onapsis, USDA was able to ensure that the control matrix in their SAP system was properly—and more easily—addressed. They took a multi-pronged approach. With Onapsis Assess, USDA is able to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within their SAP application, and understand the security risk in their environment. Utilizing Onapsis Comply, USDA is able to meet NIST Cybersecurity Framework requirements with the proper configurations within SAP—without the manual effort of testing IT controls and collecting audit evidence. And with Onapsis Defend, USDA can detect and respond to external and internal threats within their essential applications.

See highlights of USDA’s cloud journey below or watch the on-demand session here.

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