Onapsis Assess

Focused and comprehensive vulnerability management for business applications

Onapsis Assess uniquely provides vulnerability management for business-critical applications such as SAP and Oracle, including deep visibility into the entire application landscape, automated assessments with detailed solutions, and descriptions of associated risk and business impact. By using Assess, you’ll gain an accurate understanding of risk within their critical systems so you can make empowered decisions on how to respond, reduce investigation and remediation times, and achieve greater risk reduction with less effort.

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Onapsis Assess

Powered by research and insights from the Onapsis Research Labs, Assess uniquely provides the visibility and context both InfoSec and IT teams need to quickly act on vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the business.

Reduce time spent investigating vulnerabilities

Receive descriptions for each issue, including severity and potential business impact, so you can make informed decisions about risks – those to accept and those that need action.

Reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR)

Quickly understand which issues to prioritize and how to fix them. Built-in workflows and ServiceNow integration means IT or app teams quickly get the information they need to remediate.

Improve patching

Replace time-consuming, manual processes by automatically identifying missing patches, validating patches were applied correctly, and gaining prioritization capabilities.

Reduce time-to-value for ERP vulnerability management

A range of out-of-the-box assessments with actionable, research-driven results allow you to quickly understand and act on the true risk to your critical systems.

Reduction in remediation time

Less time spent validating patching efforts

Saved on manual data extraction and communication

Saved on investigation efforts

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With Onapsis, you can easily scale your approach and bring your team along with the right assessment at the right time, from securing the baseline to more advanced vulnerability use cases.

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  • Ideal for: Organizations who want to get started with SAP or Oracle vulnerability management and address a more comprehensive set of vulnerabilities.
  • Supports SAP and Oracle EBS.
  • Customizable vulnerability scans.




  • Ideal for: Organizations who want to get started with SAP vulnerability management by focusing on a core, targeted set of vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability scan aligned with the officially published SAP Security Baseline.





  • Ideal for: Organizations who want vulnerability management for SAP SuccessFactors to support the customer side of the shared security model. 

  • Vulnerability scan designed for SAP SuccessFactors automatically evaluates user, system, and integration settings against best practices.



Enhance Your Vulnerability Management Efforts with Onapsis Premium Add-Ons

Onapsis Assess provides the visibility and context you need to build a successful vulnerability management program for
your business-critical applications.

You can supplement these efforts and accelerate your return on investment with product add-ons, including a subscription to the Onapsis Threat Intel Center which provides one-click access to the most important SAP security news straight from the Onapsis Research Labs.

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