For too long, organizations’ most business-critical applications have been out of scope for traditional vulnerability management tools. Onapsis Assess closes this gap by providing continuous vulnerability management specifically designed for SAP and  Oracle. 

With Assess, you’ll gain visibility into where your risk posture lies right now and you’ll understand how to decrease risk exposure over time.  

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Management for Business-Critical Applications

Assess provides automated assessments, detailed solutions and descriptions of associated risk. InfoSec and IT teams are aligned with the visibility and context they need to quickly act on vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the business.


Inventory and evaluate all assets across your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

Understand Risk

Each identified issue includes a detailed explanation of the business impact and an associated risk score 

Prioritize Remediation

Onapsis-assisted prioritization and step-by-step remediation instructions make resolutions simple and straightforward 


Reduction in
remediation time


Less time spent validating
patching efforts

40 hours

Saved weekly on manual data extraction and communication

20 hours

Saved weekly on
investigation efforts

Key Features of Onapsis Assess

  • Vulnerability management for SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications in one portal
  • Evaluate assets at the system, application, and code level
  • Identify system vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, authorization issues (associated with default accounts/roles), missing patches and notes, SAP interface and custom code vulnerabilities
  • Easily view trends using dashboards and metrics
  • Exportable executive reports that show current risk standing and status over time
  • Agentless scanning for performing system assessments within minutes of installation
  • Business impact and remediation guidance provided for each issue
  • Integration with ticketing systems (e.g., ServiceNow) enables automatic ticket creation
  • Built in workflow capability to assign ownership of remediation 
  • Custom reporting via open API 

Understand Your Risk Footprint, Improve IT and Security Productivity and Reduce Incidents Across Your Landscape

Assess provides direct visibility into potential problems within your assets and their connected systems. These problems can lead to security, compliance or availability issues. Understand where your risk posture lies today and how to lower risk exposure over time. 

Ready To Get Started?

With Onapsis, you can easily scale your approach and bring your team along with the right assessment at the right time, from securing the baseline to more advanced vulnerability use cases. 

Assess Baseline

Ideal for:
Organizations who want to get started with SAP vulnerability management by focusing on a core, targeted set of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scan aligned with
the officially published SAP
Security Baseline 

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Ideal for:
Organizations who want to get started with SAP or Oracle vulnerability management and address a more comprehensive set of vulnerabilities.

Supports SAP and Oracle EBS.
Customizable vulnerability scans.
Scan deployed SAP custom code.

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