Modern threat detection tools typically don’t cover your most important assets: your business-critical SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications. 

Onapsis Defend eliminates this blindspot, providing threat detection and response for these essential applications. With Defend, you can identify internal and external threats in real time and understand their potential impact so you can respond quickly and effectively. 

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Continuous Threat Detection and Response for Business-Critical Applications

Onapsis Defend continuously monitors SAP, Oracle and Salesforce applications for internal and external threats - including changes, critical transactions and user activity that introduce risk, exploit a vulnerability or take the organization out of compliance

Monitor & Alert

Automatically monitor for 3,000+ threat indicators; create, customize and assign alarms for specific stakeholders to receive threat indicator alerts most relevant to their risk posture 


Improve response capability with detailed alarm notifications that include in-depth threat intelligence, detailed explanation of business risk and contextual attack notifications with success probabilities 

SIEM Integration

Bring mission-critical application threat information into the SOC so it can be correlated with other system logs and enhance root cause analysis

Improved incident response times by integrating with SIEMs and having all information in one place

Reduced forensic investigation time thanks to detailed alarm explanations and resolution guidance

SAP log forwarding enables correlation with other system logs to provide context and help determine response strategy

Real-time Visibility and Threat Monitoring

Real-time notifications and integrations with SIEMs allow Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response Teams to respond quickly to active threats and analyze root cause. Then Defend can be used as a compensating control until the issue can be resolved.

Key Features of Onapsis Defend

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with SIEMs (e.g., Splunk, QRadar, ArcSight, Exabeam, Sentinel) and generic connectors available (e.g., Syslog) give SOC teams visibility into threats against mission-critical applications and incorporate context into incident response processes
  • Alarms and Investigation dashboards provide detailed information, such as root cause of the alarms and next steps to resolve the incident
  • 3,000+ out-of-the-box threat indicators and 24 pre-configured alarms provide a base level of threat monitoring upon installation
  • Incident workflow and alarm profiles ensure that the proper audience receives the correct notifications when incidents occur
  • Defend is automatically updated to include the latest threats, including Zero-day issues from the Onapsis Research Labs

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