Many enterprise organizations have spent millions on perimeter security, and likely more on customizing business-critical SAP® and Oracle® E-Business Suite applications. Unfortunately, neither investment protects the ERP systems at the core of business operations and processes. These systems are a security blind spot and an operational vulnerability.

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How it works

Defend from Onapsis

Defend from Onapsis delivers continuous monitoring for complete, real-time visibility into ERP systems that arm SOC and IR teams with the capabilities to respond to internal and external ERP threats in real time.

Awareness: Continuous visibility and monitoring of threats against your ERP infrastructure whether on-prem, or in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Alerting: Immediate identification of improper use of functions that expose sensitive information, contextual attack notifications based on likelihood of success, and customized alarms for specific users and their transactions.

Response: Accelerate risk mitigation and response to compliance failures with automated code fixing and system modification capabilities that simplify code redesign and testing.


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Prevent application downtime and costly business disruption

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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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