Onapsis Defend

Continuous threat monitoring and pre-patch protection for SAP applications

Powered by the industry-leading Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis Defend acts as an early warning system for unauthorized changes, misuse, or cyberattacks targeting business-critical SAP applications. With Defend, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) can automatically monitor for more than 2,000 threat indicators, including exploit activity against zero-days and known, unpatched vulnerabilities, providing “pre-patch” protection for an organization’s critical systems.

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The real-time alerts provided by Defend can be easily integrated into SIEMs and include valuable details on severity, root cause, and recommended remediation steps to accelerate analysis and incident response times.

Gain pre-patch protection

Uniquely monitor for exploit activity targeting zero-days and known, unpatched vulnerabilities with detection rules you can only get from Onapsis Research Labs.

Reduce investigation time

Powerful machine learning from the Onapsis Research Labs identifies the most critical and most anomalous threats for your team, improving the speed and quality of their incident response.

Accelerate incident response

Real-time alerts with recommended mitigation guidance arm IR teams with the information they need to respond as quickly as possible to potential threats.

Bring SAP threat intel into SOC

SIEM integrations provide visibility for SOC teams, cross-system correlation, and enhanced root cause analysis.

Reduction in forensic investigation time

Saved on addressing security controls around user access

Improved incident response times

Of manual log reviews eliminated

Integrate Onapsis Defend Threat Detection with Your SIEM

Import Onapsis Defend issues and incidents into existing SIEMs and workflows used by your SOC. 

The integration allows system incidents within SAP to be incorporated into the wider security management and incident response process.

Supported integrations with:

Integrate Onapsis Defend Threat Detection with Your SIEM

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Onapsis Defend provides targeted threat monitoring for the SAP application layer based on the Onapsis Research Labs’ industry-leading threat intel. You can extend this powerful threat intel to the network layer with an add-on subscription to the Defend Network Detection Rule Pack.



Threat monitoring for the SAP application layer powered
by Onapsis Research Labs threat intel. Includes over 2,000 detection rules with customizable alerts that can be forwarded to leading SIEM tools.

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Extends industry-leading Onapsis threat intel to the network layer. Subscription license includes regular updates of vendor-agnostic Snort rules that can be imported into existing network security products.

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