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Digital transformation initiatives have left business-critical applications more exposed than ever. Under-resourced teams are also struggling with growing backlogs of patches and it’s taking longer to apply patches after they’re released, leaving these applications more vulnerable than ever too.

Threat actors have taken notice of this increased exposure and attack surface. They’re targeting ERP systems through a variety of attack vectors and at a faster pace than ever before, but many organizations lack the monitoring and intelligence capabilities they need to combat these threats and protect their critical systems.

What Do You Need To Successfully Detect and Respond to ERP Threats?

Attempting to monitor for threat activity by manually reviewing system logs is inefficient and requires extensive internal knowledge. Unfortunately, ERP systems aren’t sufficiently supported by the threat monitoring solutions that InfoSec teams traditionally use. To identify and act on potential threats to your ERP systems before they can disrupt your business, you need the following.

Threat intel and monitoring specifically designed for ERP

Traditional threat detection solutions don’t sufficiently address ERP threats, but relying on manual log reviews is time-consuming and requires internal expertise to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. You need continuous monitoring that leverages the latest ERP threat intelligence, with robust detection rules that cover zero-day and unpatched, known vulnerabilities to provide pre-patch protection.

Research-backed prioritization and mitigation guidance

Security teams are often under-resourced and new to ERP systems. You don’t have time to analyze each potential threat. You need prioritized visibility into where to focus your efforts, easy-to-understand explanations of the threat and business impact, and clear remediation guidance to accelerate response times.

Integration and visibility for your SOC

Your SOC is the security hub for your organization and your most business-critical systems should be a part of this. You need integrations with your existing SOC technologies, like SIEMs, so ERP incidents, root cause, and mitigation guidance can be integrated into broader security management and incident response processes.

Threat Actors Move Fast. Now You Can Too. Continuously Monitor and Protect Your Most Important Assets from Threats with Onapsis Defend.

Powered by research and insights from the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis Defend uniquely provides the visibility and context security teams need to respond faster and smarter to threats targeting their ERP applications.

  • Leverage over 2,000 detection rules specific for ERP
  • Gain pre-patch protection with detection rules for zero days and known, unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Detect, understand, and mitigate anomalies
  • Understand root cause and how to mitigate
  • Integrate with SIEMs for SOC visibility and cross-system analysis

What is threat detection and response for ERP applications?

Organizations spend millions on perimeter security and customizing business-critical SAP® and Oracle® applications. These systems are critical to day-to-day operations and the sustainability of a business, but can also be a security blind spot.

Oftentimes, known threats can slip by defensive measures, which is why it is important to look for known and unknown threats proactively. This is where Defend from Onapsis comes in.

Defend continuously monitors business applications hosted in the cloud, hybrid and on-premises for complete, real-time visibility. This allows Security Operations Centers and Incident Response teams to respond to threats in real time.

Speed is key when it comes to detecting and mitigating threats. Intelligent, research-driven insights reduce and prioritize incidents so organizations can focus on actionable events.

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