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Onapsis comprises a premiere team of security experts.

We use our extensive knowledge of critical ERP applications and years of experience in threat research to provide valuable security insights and threat intelligence. We focus on safeguarding crucial business applications from companies like SAP, Oracle, and SaaS providers. Among research teams, Onapsis is the foremost contributor of vulnerability research to the SAP Product Security Response Team, making us unmatched in our field.

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Onapsis Research Labs

The Onapsis Research Labs continuously finds security threats for SAP and Oracle EBS. They warn you about these risks to your business. A team that looks for new threats is crucial to inform you about the latest dangers. They tell you about these threats and advice on how to stay safe, even for vulnerabilities that others don’t know about yet. This way, you’re protected while the ERP vendor fixes the issue.


After months of research, Pablo Artuso and Yvan Genuer from Onapsis found vulnerabilities named ‘P4CHAINS’.

Read the complete threat report to learn more about their findings:

  • Details about the P4CHAINS vulnerabilities.
  • The possible adverse effects on businesses if these vulnerabilities are exploited.
  • Suggestions for safeguarding your essential SAP systems.
  • Recent findings on the increased impact of chaining vulnerabilities.


Onapsis Research Labs spent a year investigating HTTP Response Smuggling, and discovering ICMAD vulnerabilities. The threat report explains:

  • The three ICMAD vulnerabilities
  • How exploiting these vulnerabilities can harm your business
  • Suggestions to safeguard your important SAP systems
  • Recent findings about HTTP Response Smuggling methods.

Threat Research Resources

The Onapsis Threat Research Labs offers a variety of resources, including blogs, threat reports, webinars, and advisories.