Onapsis Offers the only Cybersecurity and Compliance Endorsed App for SAP.

SAP and Onapsis collaborate to address SAP cybersecurity and compliance challenges in order for customers to protect their crown jewels.

A History of Partnership

Onapsis was founded thirteen years ago to directly address an area of cybersecurity that was largely ignored: the business applications that power the global economy. With SAP customers distributing 78% of the world’s food, delivering 82% of the world’s medical devices, and processing a staggering 77% of the world’s transaction revenue, protecting SAP customers has always been fundamental to our mission.

The Onapsis and SAP partnership spans years of collaboration and tens of thousands of hours of joint research and vulnerability remediation. It is no wonder that Onapsis is the only application security and compliance Endorsed App for SAP.

Onapsis Research labs works in Lockstep with the SAP Product Security Research Team to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, including, for example, the ICMAD vulnerabilities, across the full portfolio of SAP products. In fact, Onapsis Research Labs is, far and away, the most prolific and most celebrated contributor of vulnerability research to the SAP Product Security Response Team, with well over 1,000 vulnerabilities discovered. No other research team comes close.

Our research fuels the Onapsis Platform with direct benefit to customers including: early alerts, improved configurations, and pre-patch protection ahead of scheduled vendor updates. This keeps the Onapsis Platform – and you – miles ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats to your most critical system.

A Better Approach to SAP Cybersecurity & Compliance

Onapsis takes a holistic approach to securing business-critical SAP applications, providing visibility and actionable intelligence at the system, application, code and transport level. The discovery, automation, and reporting capabilities of the Onapsis Platform enable organizations running SAP to:

Better address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Identify and prioritize missing SAP Security Notes

Audit user roles and activities

Monitor for threats, research-fueled zero-day activity, and risky behavior

Analyze and repair custom code for security and quality issues

Inspect transports for harmful or misconfigured content

Assess systems against compliance standards

Collect evidence to support internal and external audits

These capabilities allow security, audit, Basis and development teams to more effectively collaborate on protecting their critical systems and keep their SAP landscape compliant and operating at a high level.

What Our Customers Are Saying

F250 Biotechnology Company

“Onapsis offers unparalleled visibility into our application environment, enabling us to effectively manage security and compliance.”

Comprehensive Solutions for SAP Security & Compliance

The Onapsis Platform contains a suite of solutions purpose-built to address SAP security across many use cases:

Vulnerability management

Proactive identification and measurement of exposure to vulnerabilities, exploits, misconfigurations, mis authorizations, and missing notes within ERP.

Threat Detection & Response

Continuously monitor for threats and misuse; alert on zero-day activity; integrate with SIEMs and network security.

Application Security Testing

Find and fix security, compliance and quality issues in SAP custom code & transports.

Compliance Automation

Automate testing and validation of IT controls to maintain continuous compliance.

The Onapsis Platform for SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors offers some built-in security features, but its controls can be difficult to configure correctly and fail to provide the visibility needed to ensure security and compliance of your interconnected business-critical applications. With greater interconnectivity across your enterprise application landscape, one misconfigured system or security vulnerability is all it takes to put your entire enterprise at risk.

Onapsis Assess for SAP SuccessFactors delivers actionable insight into your SuccessFactors implementation and its interconnections so your IT operations, information security and audit and compliance teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, prioritize and eliminate application misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

True SAP Threat Intelligence Powered by Onapsis Research Labs

Onapsis Research labs is the world’s leading team of security experts who combine their deep knowledge of critical ERP applications and decades of threat research expertise to deliver impactful security insights and threat intelligence focused on the business-critical applications from SAP, ORacle, and SaaS providers.

Onapsis proactively updates and enriches its products with the latest threat intelligence and security guidance from Onapsis Research Labs. This provides customers with more comprehensive coverage, including early alerts, improved configurations, and pre-patch protection ahead of scheduled vendor updates. THe ongoing discoveries from Onapsis Research Labs keep the Onapsis Platform – and you – miles ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats to your most critical systems.

Ready to Work Safer and Smarter with Onapsis?

Strengthen your SAP cybersecurity with Onapsis. With our experts in your corner, you’ll unify and streamline threat, risk, and compliance management across your organization for enhanced protection.