Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas

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Streamlining production and refining processes, digitizing supply chains, and larger-scale digital transformation projects can make securing business applications like SAP complex for oil & gas companies.

That is why SAP security is a must have from the start. Learn more about why from Onapsis Co-founder and CEO, Mariano Nunez in this video:

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Understanding, measuring, and acting upon the risk in your critical SAP landscape can result in negative regulatory repercussions or, worse, downtime of critical business systems. That’s why Onapsis provides your InfoSec team with deeper visibility and prioritized insights into vulnerable systems, and with the right business recommendations we mitigate and remediate these issues for you.

Unlike traditional vulnerability management solutions, Onapsis delivers impactful threat intelligence and relevant security recommendations based on the unique research from Onapsis Research Labs – the world’s leading SAP threat intelligence team.

Onapsis Offers the Only SAP-Endorsed App for Oil & Gas

How Onapsis Fuels Oil & Gas Security From Drill to Distribution

Our oil & gas industry customers are now seeing the following benefits:

Take advantage of deep visibility into risks and vulnerabilities in existing ERP applications to facilitate effective cloud migration projects and modernize their environment as well as understand the risk across their system landscape.

Align security controls to compliance and regulatory frameworks and automate compliance processes to streamline audits and adapt to changing regulatory requirements.

Access the most up-to-the-minute threat research and guidance, from Onapsis Research Labs, and integrate with existing security tools, enabling short-staffed teams to do more with less.

Leverage automation for easier audits, aligning security controls to compliance requirements for ERP systems.

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In the oil and gas sector, operational continuity and the protection of critical assets reign supreme. From delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for SAP and Oracle ERP systems to tackling evolving industry challenges, you can rest-assured knowing Onapsis is in your corner. Discover more about our custom solutions in our Resource Center.

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Cyber attacks are targeting ERP applications within the oil and gas industry. These attacks can have financial and reputational...

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