Onapsis Assess

Complete ERP Attack Surface Management

Discover vulnerabilities across your critical ERP application landscape and get the risk-based guidance you need to better prioritize and respond faster to issues posing the greatest threats to your business.

Discover, Analyze, & Prioritize ERP Vulnerabilities

Gain Deep Visibility Into Your ERP Attack Surface
Get Risk-Driven Analysis To Accelerate Response
Prioritize Fixes With Real-Time ERP Threat Intel
Align Infosec & ERP Teams To Accelerate Remediation
Leverage Security Best Practices And Chart Your Path

Get the complete picture with automated asset discovery that inventories your entire ERP landscape, including assets like SAProuter and BTP. Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability scans to find issues beyond missing patches, including misconfigurations, mis authorizations, and problems in previously deployed custom code.

Context-rich scan results translate ERP vulnerabilities into business risk, so you don’t have to be an SAP or Oracle expert to understand impact and how to respond.

Know what to fix first with built-in prioritization capabilities. Real-time Onapsis threat intelligence and AI elevate the vulnerabilities (regardless of CVSS) that warrant immediate attention due to elevated threat activity or vulnerability chaining observed in the wild.

Built-in workflows and ServiceNow integrations streamline remediation processes and provide cross-functional visibility. Arm IT and ERP teams with step-by-step technical solutions and the insight they need to prioritize and validate patching and other remediation efforts.

Onapsis Security Advisor combines 14+ years of Onapsis data and experience with AI to guide your ERP security journey, track improvements over time against organizational milestones, and monitor progress compared to other companies or industries. Learn More

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See How To Gain Visibility and Control For Better ERP Attack Surface Management

Not quite ready for a live demo, but want to see Onapsis Assess in action? View this two-minute on-demand video of Assess to see how we can solve your organization’s unique challenges.

In this video, you will:

  • Get an understanding of Onapsis Assess and its key features.
  • Discover how Onapsis Assess automates asset discovery to help you easily inventory and get more visibility into assets across your landscape.
  • Learn how Onapsis Assess identifies vulnerabilities across your ERP application landscape and gives you risk-based guidance to prioritize and respond quickly to the most critical issues for your business.


  • The market-leading, award winning industry standard
  • Includes the most comprehensive and customizable set of vulnerability assessments
  • Supports SAP and Oracle EBS
  • Available as SaaS
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Assess for Code

  • Expand your code security program to identity security issues in custom code and applications already deployed in production
  • Supports SAP

Assess Baseline

  • Entry-level license offering vulnerability assessments aligned with the officially published SAP Security Baseline
  • Supports SAP ABAP
  • Available as SaaS

Assess for SAP SuccessFactors

  • Vulnerability assessment supporting the customer responsibilities of the shared security model for SuccessFactors
  • Supports SAP SuccessFactors

Part of The Onapsis Platform

Designed to make ERP security frictionless, Onapsis delivers an award-winning, full application security suite, powered by the market-leading threat intelligence of the Onapsis Research Labs and 14+ years of ERP security expertise. The Onapsis Platform shines a light on the full SAP or Oracle attack surface to help organizations worldwide better understand risk, protect their most critical systems, respond rapidly to threats, and keep their business-critical applications and digital transformation projects running smoothly.

See Why Customers Love Onapsis Assess

“Onapsis removes the mystery around SAP security by increasing visibility. We can see issues—misconfigurations, missing patches or overly privileged users—what risk they pose and how to fix them.”

– Large Utility Company


reduction in
remediation time


less time spent
validating patching efforts


saved on manual data
extraction and communication 1


saved on
investigation efforts2

1 Based on 40/hrs week at $55/hr for infosec analyst  |  2 Based on 20/hrs week at $55/hr for infosec analyst

Powered by the Onapsis Research Labs

The Undisputed Leader in ERP Security & Threat Research

  • Discovered 1,000+ zero-day vulnerabilities in business-critical apps
  • 6 US DHS critical alerts based on our research


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