Onapsis Platform Add-Ons

Extend the Capabilities of the Onapsis Platform with Premium Add-Ons

The Onapsis Platform offers unparalleled visibility into vital SAP and Oracle applications, spanning ERP, CRM, PLM, HCM, SCM, BI, etc. This enables diverse teams to comprehensively comprehend, handle, and address security, compliance, and availability concerns using powerful analytics, reporting, and automation tools – empowering effective management of risk associated with critical applications.

Onapsis Threat Intel Center

Get one-click access to the most important SAP security news, so you can quickly understand your exposure and where to focus efforts.

  • Gain access to a centralized, easily accessible repository of valuable threat research and elevated exploit activity observed by Onapsis Research Labs
  • The consolidated view provides high-impact, detailed view of the evolving threat landscape, including business impact and affected assets
  • Keep up with the latest threats, get a faster read on exposure, and more easily communicate on new risk to the business

Network Detection Rule Pack for Onapsis Defend

Extend Onapsis powerful threat intelligence to the edge to gain an even earlier warning system.

  • Receive vendor-agnostic rules for the network layer that can be brought into existing network monitoring technologies
  • Subscription includes regular updates of rules for the most critical (highest CVSS) and network-detectable threats
  • Bring Onapsis Research Labs threat intelligence into network security applications, augmenting their ability to detect (and potentially stop) the most critical threats to business-critical SAP applications

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Extend Industry-Leading SAP Threat Intelligence to the Network Layer

One-Click Access To Critical ERP Security News

Eliminate Cybersecurity Risks in Your SAP Systems

Are you prepared to eliminate vulnerabilities in your SAP systems? Learn how our tailored solutions can seamlessly secure your business applications.