Onapsis Comply

Automatically Audit IT Controls Across Your SAP Landscape

Transform Onapsis Assess into an SAP audit and compliance engine with Onapsis Comply packs. Automatically collect audit evidence by scanning IT controls across your entire SAP landscape. Minimize or eliminate all the time-consuming work your teams have to do to prepare for SAP compliance audits.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Efforts for Testing Controls and Collecting Audit Evidence

Empower Your Teams And Reduce Manual Prep Work for SAP Audits with Onapsis Comply

Watch how you can automate audit and compliance across your SAP landscape with Onapsis Comply packs in our engaging on-demand video demo.

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour of some of the critical elements of this powerful solution, showcasing how to use Onapsis Comply packs and transform Onapsis Assess into an SAP audit and compliance engine. During this video, you will gain an understanding of some of the key features including how to easily execute an automated, comprehensive scan of your systems for regulatory and internal policy compliance at the click of a button. You will also see how Onapsis compliance policies allow you to proactively measure risk and stay ahead of the audit cycle so you can maintain continuous compliance.

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Designed to make ERP security frictionless, Onapsis delivers an award-winning, full application security suite, powered by the market-leading threat intelligence of the Onapsis Research Labs and 14+ years of ERP security expertise. The Onapsis Platform shines a light on the full SAP or Oracle attack surface to help organizations worldwide better understand risk, protect their most critical systems, respond rapidly to threats, and keep their business-critical applications and digital transformation projects running smoothly.

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See Why Customers Love Onapsis for Automating IT Compliance

“I can’t even calculate how much more efficient Onapsis is compared to our old, manual processes. And we’re very confident in the accuracy. In fact, the results from Onapsis are more complete and accurate than our old way of doing things. We spent a lot of time comparing Onapsis reports to our previous output and now fully rely on the Onapsis results.”

- Information Compliance & Risk Management, Fortune 250 Chemical Company

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Annual savings using
audit process automation

annual hours saved
by automating tasks

less time spent
testing IT controls

The Undisputed Leader in ERP Security & Threat Research

  • Discovered 1,000+ zero-day vulnerabilities in business-critical apps
  • 6 US DHS critical alerts based on our research

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