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Kickstart your SAP vulnerability management program with Onapsis Assess Baseline - focus on a core targeted set of vulnerabilities. Learn more today.

Accelerate Your SAP Vulnerability Management with Focus and Prioritization

SAP applications are under attack every day, but many organizations struggle with addressing this risk to their business-critical systems. The environments are complex, there’s a growing backlog of patches as new vulnerabilities are regularly discovered, and traditional vulnerability management solutions fail to paint an accurate picture of the true risk to these applications. It’s a challenge for under-resourced teams to know what to tackle first when it comes to vulnerability management for SAP.

But vulnerability management for SAP doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right partner. Onapsis Assess Baseline gives organizations just what they need to kickstart their SAP vulnerability management processes and easily align with the officially published SAP Security Baseline.

Get Up and Running Quickly with SAP’s Trusted Security Partner

  • Avoid lengthy installs with SaaS deployment and zero-footprint scanning
  • Immediately start assessing your systems with out-of-the-box vulnerability scans
  • You don’t need to be an SAP expert – scan results include detailed explanations around criticality and business impact so you can quickly understand risk

Accelerate Time-to-Value for SAP Vulnerability Management

  • Quickly understand which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your business
  • Reduce investigation and remediation times with powerful context around critical vulnerabilities and instructions on how to mitigate
  • Replace manual, time-consuming patch management processes by automatically identifying missing security notes and validating they were applied correctly

Technology that Scales and Grows When You’re Ready

Onapsis Assess Baseline empowers companies of any size to accelerate time-to-value by simplifying deployment with a new SaaS-based, zero-footprint model and focusing on a core, targeted set of critical vulnerabilities as first steps on their journey to ensure cybersecurity, compliance, and availability of their SAP applications.  

When you’re ready to take on more, you can easily expand to support more advanced vulnerability use cases or capabilities for continuous threat monitoring and application security testing.

See Onapsis Assess Baseline In Action

Watch this demo to learn how Onapsis Assess Baseline helps you understand the true risk to your SAP landscape with prioritized visibility into the most critical vulnerabilities affecting your systems.

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