Cybersecurity for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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Increased cloud adoption and ransomware attacks on the rise have made ERP security a must have, not a nice to have.

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Architecting advanced ERP security solutions for the world of food and beverage, Onapsis engineers robust security frameworks that meet your ongoing evolving needs.

Reaching far beyond native SAP tools, Onapsis ensures robust application layer security to protect the unique processes and data in food and beverage manufacturing. With insights from Onapsis Research Labs, we deliver unparalleled security to safeguard your industry-specific SAP landscapes.

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How Onapsis Secures Food & Beverage Manufacturing From Farm to Fork

Our food and beverage manufacturing customers are now able to:

Harness the application-level security needed for successful digital transformation, including automated custom code analysis to avoid introducing risk during development processes.

Identify vulnerabilities and threats that could result in business interruptions, data loss (e.g., PII, IP) or audit findings (e.g., SOX, GDPR, PII, PCI DSS).

Gain deep visibility into ERP, e-commerce, and supply chain landscapes and translate vulnerabilities into business risk, making it easy to understand what is putting sensitive data at risk (e.g., elevated privileges that give someone access to IP which they could then sell).

Action prioritized insights and guidance so teams new to ERP security have the context they need to quickly act on issues that pose the greatest risk to supply chains systems and data.

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of investigation time saved per week by automating vulnerability scans and receiving actionable details for each finding.


ahead of schedule digital transformation project completed.


reduction in remediation time for SAP vulnerabilities.


decrease in time spent preparing for compliance audits (1000 hours to 12 hours per audit period).

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