Cybersecurity for Pharmaceuticals

SAP applications are your everything – protect your business with Onapsis

Securing foundational, highly customized SAP applications can be a challenge for many pharmaceutical organizations. That is why SAP security is a must have from the start.

Mariano Nunez, Co-founder and CEO of Onapsis, explains in this video:

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Find Out How Onapsis Enhances Pharmaceutical Operations with Leading ERP Security Practices

Onapsis provides your InfoSec team with wide ranging visibility into all SAP systems and prioritizes insights into vulnerabilities across your connected, complex SAP landscape.

Our team accelerates risk mitigation or remediation, offers pre-patch protection against zero-day threats, secures new custom code, and simplifies audit reporting to streamline compliance. With threat intelligence and insights from Onapsis Research Labs, we ensure your SAP systems are safeguarded against evolving threats.

The Only Cybersecurity and Compliance SAP-Endorsed App for Pharmaceuticals

How Onapsis Protects Pharmaceutical Operations From Research to Retail

Our pharmaceutical industry customers are now seeing the following benefits:

ERP application and code protection before, during, and after an S/4HANA, SAP RISE, or cloud migration so security doesn’t have to be a blocker to project completion.

Guided insights and direction from Onapsis Research Labs experts.

Assurance that SAP code from digitization projects is secure, bug-free, and not vulnerable to direct or indirect attack when connecting to technology platforms across the supply chain.

One dashboard that provides visibility into both on-premises and cloud ERP applications and connects into the SOC stack and processes.

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Securing ERP systems is more than data protection; it’s about ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. Discover more about our approach and how our specialized cybersecurity solutions keep you protected in our Resource Center.

For pharmaceutical companies, the impact of a successful cyber attack on their critical ERP, production and supply chain, or patient portals could be devastating.

Leading Biotechnology Company Uses Onapsis To Protect Business Critical SAP Application.

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reduction in remediation time for SAP vulnerabilities


decrease in time spent preparing for compliance audits (1000 hours to 12 hours per audit period)


ahead of schedule digital transformation project completed


of investigation time saved per week by automating vulnerability scans and receiving actionable details for each finding

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