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Accelerate Time-To-Value with Onapsis in the Cloud

Accelerate Time-To-Value With Onapsis in the Cloud

We’ve spent the last ten-plus years sounding the alarm on the increasing number of cyber threats to business-critical applications like those from SAP, Oracle, and SaaS vendors. Most recently, we released a threat intelligence report providing real-world evidence of threat actors targeting and successfully exploiting unprotected SAP applications. These threat actors are moving fast; we saw new IaaS-provisioned apps compromised in less than three hours - so you need to act faster to secure your critical applications. 

That’s why we want to raise awareness of our Onapsis Platform SaaS offering. You may already know that Onapsis provides vulnerability management, threat monitoring, application security testing, and compliance automation tools to help combat the rising threats mentioned above and secure your critical applications. With our SaaS offering, and its accelerated deployment time, you can start realizing the value of these tools that much faster.  

The Sooner You Can Identify Risk, The Sooner You Can Act

Using our cloud-based solution, a customer’s console instance can be installed and configured within minutes. This is especially impactful for customers with SaaS targets, such as SAP SuccessFactors or Salesforce assets. You’ll be able to start running security and compliance assessments almost immediately after deployment. 

The Onapsis Platform provides everything you need for unified threat, risk and compliance management across the extended enterprise. No matter whether your applications are on-premises, SaaS, hosted in a PaaS or IaaS environment, or some type of hybrid scenario, we have you covered. And you can easily add additional sensors for new targets as needed to accommodate your expanding business-critical application landscape. 

Focus On What Matters, Not Whether Your Solution Is Up To Date

You have enough on your plate supporting key business initiatives like digital transformation projects. Maybe your organization is migrating your SAP or Oracle applications to the cloud or you’re starting the transition to SAP S/4HANA. Meanwhile, you are also trying to keep the lights on by minimizing risk to your critical systems. All said, you have a lot going on. 

One of our main goals here at Onapsis is to make it easier for organizations to secure their business-critical applications and build security into digital transformation projects. We do this in a number of ways, including: 

  • Automating security and compliance assessments, application security testing, and threat detection 
  • Providing customizable reports and dashboards so you can easily view your current risk landscape and how it’s trending over time 
  • Integrating with SIEMs, ticketing services, change management systems, development environments, and more so you can bring Onapsis intelligence into your existing workflows

The SaaS offering of the Onapsis Platform adds one more thing to the list - automatically updating your Onapsis solutions with the latest features, modules, rules, and security best practices. This means you get the latest and greatest security guidance and functionality from Onapsis without burdening your internal resources. You can focus on the intelligence you get from the Onapsis Platform and how to act on it, instead of spending time maintaining the solution itself. 

How Does The Onapsis Platform Secure Business-Critical Applications?

Business-critical applications, like those from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, are typically out of scope of traditional security tools. This lack of visibility and the fact that they’re typically managed by non-security teams means they’re often left out of essential cybersecurity programs around vulnerability management, incident response, application security testing, and more. 

Onapsis solves this problem with tools specifically designed for the application layer and backed by a team of security experts, the Onapsis Research Labs, dedicated to delivering security insights and threat intel affecting these applications. 

The products and actionable intelligence provided by The Onapsis Platform enable cross-functional teams to bring business-critical applications into existing security, compliance, and development programs: 

  • Vulnerability Management - Gain visibility into configuration issues, authorization issues, missing patches/notes, and other security issues within your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications. Understand the potential business impact of each issue and how to fix it so you can minimize risk to your business-critical applications. 
  • Threat Detection and Response - Continuously monitor for internal and external threats, suspicious user activity, and unauthorized changes that put your critical applications at risk. Integrations with SIEMs bring application threat information into the SOC. 
  • Application Security Testing - Analyze internal or third-party custom code and transports throughout your SAP development lifecycle to ensure changes aren’t introducing risk to your critical systems. 
  • Automated Compliance - Automate processes around the testing and validation of IT Controls for business-critical applications. Gain real-time visibility into issues within business-critical application controls that prevent a system or process from passing compliance checks and understand how to fix the problem.

Want to know more about how Onapsis can help secure your business-critical applications? Give us a call; we’d love to chat. 

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