Automated Compliance Testing and Verification

IT general controls testing underpins many compliance and regulatory frameworks. Unfortunately, testing IT general controls for your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications is often a significant burden involving multiple internal and external teams, lengthy meetings, manual evidence collection, screen captures, documentation, and more. 

Onapsis alleviates this burden by automating most of these tasks and giving compliance/audit stakeholders direct access to the results in far less time and with much less effort. With Onapsis, you can establish a repeatable audit process to gain efficiencies and provide more complete and accurate results - all while freeing up valuable resources.

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Produce More Complete, Accurate, Repeatable Results

  • Remove the human factor from evidence collection and testing, which can introduce errors 
  • Collect evidence in near real time and gain confidence that it reflects the current status of existing controls
  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box policies for common frameworks (e.g., SOX, GDPR, NIST, SAP Security Baselines) or tailor assessment policies to your specific needs 

Accomplish More With Less

  • Replace time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive manual testing processes with automated tests over existing IT general controls
  • Give compliance and audit teams the ability to collect evidence themselves instead of relying on IT or InfoSec teams
  • Eliminate time spent on non-value added tasks that can be better deployed on business critical matters

“I can’t even calculate how much more efficient Onapsis is compared to our old, manual processes. And we’re very confident in the accuracy. In fact, the results from Onapsis are more complete and accurate than our old way of doing things.  We spent a lot of time comparing Onapsis reports to our previous output and now fully rely on the Onapsis results.”

–Information Compliance & Risk Management, Fortune 250 Chemical Company

Proactively Identify Deficiencies and Reduce Risk

  • Understand the effectiveness of IT controls and the business impact of identified issues
  • Continually monitor critical audit-relevant controls and identify user accounts with the potential to violate controls related to sensitive access, segregation of duties, and more 
  • Stay ahead of your audit cycle by finding and addressing potential issues before your auditors to ensure you maintain compliance

Deliver Immediate Value

  • Deploy quickly with over a dozen out-of-the-box compliance frameworks checking against critical compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, and PCI
  • Customize compliance frameworks for your specific organizational needs 
  • Easily report on control effectiveness and show changes in compliance over time
  • Redeploy your teams to business critical tasks

“In year one of using Onapsis, we reduced repeat ITGC deficiencies by over 40%, earning credibility with our external auditors, and in turn, our board.”

–VP of Enterprise Information Security Operations, Fortune 250 Consumer Products Company

Onapsis Automates Compliance Testing & Verification for Your Business-Critical Applications

Onapsis Comply automates many of the manual processes around testing IT controls and collecting evidence for your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications. With ready-made policies for common regulations and frameworks (e.g., SOX, GDPR, NIST), you can quickly start assessing your applications and identify issues within controls that prevent a system or process from passing compliance checks. 

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