Vulnerability Management for Modern Application Environments

Traditional vulnerability management tools don’t cover your most important assets - your business-critical financial, HR, sales, supply chain, customer, and ERP applications. 

Onapsis brings these essential applications into scope while providing the visibility and intelligence you need to identify, understand, and act on risk.

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Gain Visibility Into Your Most Critical Assets

  • Discover all assets across your cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments because you can’t protect what you can’t see
  • Get a graphical view of systems and interconnectivity to understand how risk in one asset could have a knock-on effect
  • Understand your attack surface by identifying vulnerabilities at the system, application, and code level, including misconfigurations, authorization issues, and missing patches

Understand Business Impact So You Can Respond Smartly

  • Don’t waste time on false positives or vulnerabilities that don’t pose a risk
  • Make empowered decisions about risks - those to accept and those that need action 
  • Achieve greater risk reduction with less effort 

“The main goal of our partnership with Onapsis was to automate SAP application monitoring and vulnerability management in a way that would allow our cross-functional teams to build, deploy and manage better, more resilient SAP applications faster at a lower cost.”

–Director, SAP Center of Excellence, Fortune 100 Automobile Manufacturer 

Facilitate and Track Remediation

  • Arm IT partners with detailed technical solutions to make resolutions simple and straightforward
  • Integrate into key IT components, such as ServiceNOW, to streamline the remediation process
  • Get real-time visibility into issue status and vulnerabilities that are outstanding

Report on Risk and Measure Success

  • Save time preparing reports and metrics for business stakeholders
  • Easily report on the current security posture of business-critical applications and communicate risk in real business terms
  • Track findings and remediation over time to showcase progress in reducing risk

“Onapsis removes the mystery around SAP security by increasing visibility. We can see issues—misconfigurations, missing patches or unusual user activity—what risk they pose and how to fix them.”

–Enterprise Security Manager, Large Utility Company


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