Automated Security Testing Designed for SAP Applications

Building application testing into your SAP development processes allows you to find issues in the shortest possible time - before they hit production or negatively impact system security, compliance, performance, or availability. 

Onapsis makes this easy with automated security testing designed specifically for SAP applications. With Onapsis, you can analyze internal or third-party custom code and transports throughout your development lifecycle to ensure changes aren’t introducing risk to your critical systems.

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Shift Left, Get Clean, and Stay Clean

  • Find and fix issues before they hit production when they have worse consequences and are harder to fix
  • Identify problems with legacy code and understand their potential impact to determine remediation efforts
  • Build code and transport checks into your development lifecycle to prevent new vulnerabilities from being introduced

Accomplish More With Less

  • Replace time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive manual testing processes with automated code and transport assessments
  • Assessment results and technical solutions integrate directly into existing development environments and change management processes to make resolutions simple and straightforward
  • Enable developers and change management teams to spend less time fixing problems and more time supporting business initiatives 

“With Onapsis, we can be more confident that the changes we’re making aren’t going to cause disruptions or performance issues and address security and compliance at the same time. It’s a win for everyone.”

–Security Architecture Manager, Global 250 Chemical Company

Meet Deadlines and Accelerate Delivery

  • Find security, compliance, and quality issues quickly by automating custom code and transport assessments 
  • Understand the impact of changes before they are released to avoid costly and time-consuming rework
  • Eliminate lengthy, manual approval processes and empower teams to focus on core competencies 

Maintain Application Availability, Security, and Compliance

  • Keep business processes running efficiently by preventing system downtime, damage to target systems, import errors, and downgrades
  • Protect sensitive data from manipulation and espionage that could result in security or compliance violations
  • Enforce security and compliance standards throughout the development lifecycle

“Onapsis code analysis enables us to prove that our code is secure and compliant ... it is accurate, comprehensive and consistent and ensures that all ABAP code meets our high standards.”

–TEWLS Sustainment Project Manager, US Department of Defense Health Agency

Onapsis Provides Application Security Testing Designed For Your Critical SAP Applications

Control for Code

Identifies and resolves security, compliance, and quality issues for in-house or third-party SAP custom code.

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Control for Transports

Inspects the contents of SAP transport requests to avoid import errors, business outages, downgrades, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations.

Learn more about Control for Transport

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