Identify, Understand, and Act On Threats to Business-Critical Applications

Your most important business applications are also your most unprotected. Security Operations teams lack the visibility and context they need to understand the activities that constitute a threat to these essential systems as well as how to respond to them. 

Onapsis solves this problem by continuously monitoring for a range of internal and external threat activity. By intelligently curating and filtering the findings, you can quickly respond to issues that pose the greatest risk to your business.

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Understand Active Threats To Your Critical Systems

  • Remove the need for manual log reviews and application-specific expertise to identify threats 
  • Automatically monitor for malicious attack indicators, misconfigurations, and suspicious or unauthorized user activity that put your most important data at risk
  • Identify changes that could impact compliance standing and reporting

Respond Faster and Smarter

  • Get detailed explanations for each issue with resolution guidance and spend less time investigating 
  • Understand the business impact of each threat and how to respond
  • Reduce incident response times by integrating with SIEMs so all threat information is in one place

“We can now continually monitor risk, ensure the integrity and security of our supply chain and protect our business.”

–CISO, Global Apparel Manufacturer

Focus on What Matters, Eliminate Noise

  • Don’t waste time on activity that doesn’t pose a risk
  • Customize alarms so you only receive threat indicator alerts relevant to your risk posture  
  • Ensure only relevant signals and events are forwarded to SIEMs

Reduce Risk to Critical Systems

  • Decrease the time between detection and response to shrink your exposure window
  • Respond to issues faster to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity 
  • Implement a compensating control for patches or fixes that cannot be applied immediately
  • Reduce risk of zero-day vulnerabilities with detection rules from Onapsis Research Labs

“There are very few SAP security specialists that look at specific applications and how they pose a threat - this is what makes Onapsis such a valuable partner for us.”

–Technology Risk and Control Manager, Global Food Corporation

Onapsis Delivers Continuous Threat Monitoring for Your Essential Applications

Onapsis Defend provides security operations teams with long overdue visibility into threats facing your SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications. With Defend, you can continuously monitor for internal and external threats to your business-critical applications and incorporate this intel into broader incident response programs.

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