Watch how you can harness the power of Onapsis Defend to automatically monitor for thousands of threat indicators, including exploit activity against zero-days and known, unpatched vulnerabilities, in our engaging on-demand video demo.

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour of some of the critical elements of this unique solution. See how Onapsis Defend has the industry’s most advanced detection rules, enriched with intel from the Onapsis Research Labs, so your team can stay ahead of the latest threats to your ERP systems. During this video, you will gain an understanding of some of the key features of Onapsis Defend and how it can turn your SOC analysts into SAP threat experts. Learn how your team can monitor for suspicious user activity, potential vulnerability exploitation, and users accessing sensitive data. Most importantly, see how the team can customize activities to ensure they only receive relevant alerts as well as easily integrate with your SIEM for incident response.


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