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Onapsis Defend: Threat Monitoring and Pre-Patch Protection for Business-Critical SAP Applications


Continuously Monitor and Protect Your Most Important Assets from Threats


Your Window to Defend Your Business-Critical Applications Is Shrinking

Digital transformation initiatives have left business-critical applications more exposed than ever, and this increased exposure hasn’t gone unnoticed. Threat actors are targeting business-critical applications through a variety of attack vectors and at a faster pace than ever before. Attempting to monitor for threat activity by manually reviewing system logs are inefficient and require extensive internal knowledge. Given the speed at which threat actors operate, this leaves far too much time for successful attacks to take place. To protect their critical business operations and data, organizations need continuous threat monitoring designed specifically for these applications. They need to identify potential threats in real-time and understand the risk they pose, so they can prioritize incident response. And they need the ability to define and customize criteria for alerts, including threats related to user actions such as authorization and sensitive data access.

<3 hours for the first exploit attempt on an unprotected system coming online 1
<72 hours between release of a patch and first exploit attempts 1

The Solution

Continuous Threat Monitoring for SAP with Onapsis Defend

Powered by research and insights from the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis Defend uniquely provides the visibility and context security teams need to respond faster and smarter to threats targeting their business-critical applications. Onapsis is proud to be an Oracle partner and the only application security platform in the SAP Endorsed Apps Program.

  • Over 2,000 detection rules specific for SAP, including zero days to protect applications from threats prior to patch release
  • Detect anomalies, understand root cause and how to mitigate
  • Integrate with SIEMs for SOC visibility and cross-system analysis
  • Get the latest threat intelligence from Onapsis Research Labs

Understand Threats to Your Critical Systems 

  • Automatically Detect Potential Threats or Suspicious Activity
    Eliminate the need for manual log reviews and in-house SAP security expertise to identify threats to critical assets (e.g., ABAP, JAVA, HANA, SAProuter)
  • Start Monitoring Immediately and Realize Value Quickly
    2,000+ detection rules and 30 pre-configured alarms provide a base level of threat monitoring upon install
  • Ease the Burden of Security Responsibilities under RISE with SAP
    Better manage your RISE security responsibilities, including tracking user behavior and detecting & mitigating external / insider threats

“We’re saving 20 hours a week compared to manual log reviews”

– F500 Financial Institution

Respond Faster and Smarter

  • Reduce Investigation Time and Accelerate Response
    Receive real-time alerts with detailed explanations, including root cause, severity, machine learning anomaly score, and business context
  • Transform SOC Teams into Instant SAP Experts
    Easily send curated SAP threat activity and intelligence to your existing SIEM tools; threat explanations and remediation guidance facilitate playbook creation
  • Extend Onapsis Threat Intelligence to the Network Layer
    Augment your existing network security products with vendor agnostic, open-source rules that alert on (and potentially stop) Onapsis-research-based network threats before they reach your ERP applications

“We’re saving 20 hours of week addressing security controls around useraccess”

– F500 Consumer Good Company

Reduce Risk to Critical Systems

  • Get the Best SAP Exploit and Zero-Day Protection
    Detect more types of exploit activity with 400+ exploit rules across the SAP stack, including zero-day rules to protect you before patches are available
  • Find Suspicious User Behavior Faster
    Monitor for insider threats and potential indicators of compromise with targeted alerts and user behavior analysis (UBA) to detect anomalies faster
  • Easily Implement Compensating Controls
    Address the risk of open vulnerabilities by monitoring for exploit activity or help meet regulatory requirements by adding additional controls

 “We’re confident our most important assets are protected from zero-days and other emerging threats”

– F500 Chemical Company

1  IDC ERP Security Report 

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