Network Detection Rule Pack for Onapsis Defend


Extend Industry-Leading SAP Threat Intelligence to the Network Layer

Business-critical applications are at higher risk than ever before, as organizations struggle to keep up with unpatched vulnerabilities and threat actors launch sophisticated ERP-focused attacks. The earlier an organization can detect threat activity, the better. Monitoring for ERP threats at the network layer – before they reach the applications –provides significant advantages of foresight and speed. However, this is easier said than done, as most traditional network security products lack the threat intelligence and the rules to deliver real protection. These vendors are not SAP security experts, and any rules they may provide are primarily crowdsourced from user or amateur communities – not experts.

The Network Detection Rule Pack for Onapsis Defend solves this problem, making it easy for organizations to bring Onapsis’s industry-leading SAP threat intelligence into their existing network security technologies. In our vendor-agnostic approach, Onapsis delivers a set of regularly-updated rules that can be imported into any Snort-compatible network security product (e.g., NGFW, WAF, IDS/IPS) deployed by organizations as part of their security architecture.

Get Network-Based SAP Threat Detection from SAP’s Trusted Security Partner

  • Bring Onapsis threat intelligence into your network security technology, augmenting its ability to detect (and potentially stop) network-detectable threats to SAP 
  • Leverage rules and network security features to block malicious traffic from reaching SAP applications

Gain an Even Earlier Warning System for Critical SAP Threats

  • Get alerts for critical attacks before they even reach your SAP applications, allowing for faster response times 
  • Increase your time window for analysis and learn about new attacks and attack vectors

Deploy Across Your Defense-in-Depth Security Stack

  • Open-source Snort rules allow for broader, vendor- agnostic applicability across your network security stack
  • Supplement your threat monitoring efforts at the application layer by extending SAP threat intelligence to your network and perimeter layers to alert your SIEM

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