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Better Together, No Matter What Your Company is Run On

Better Together, No Matter What Your Company is Run On

As I discussed last month, both Onapsis and Accenture believe that it is essential to provide our clients a clear path to a robust cybersecurity service. I highlighted the importance of our partnership and the strategic decision to partner with SAP to keep SAP systems protected and compliant. But it is important to note that mission-critical business applications expand beyond SAP and our partnerships don't stop there. Similar to SAP, we work with SI’s like Accenture to ensure applications such as Oracle EBS are also stable and secure against internal and external cyber threats and compliant with industry and governmental regulations. For many large global organizations, Oracle EBS is the core of their business, running their most mission-critical applications from Financials to Supply Chain Management to Manufacturing to Human Capital Management and more. Keeping Oracle EBS secure and supporting an organization’s operations and growth initiatives is a top priority. This priority is even more accentuated as organizations look to modernize these applications and begin migrating to the cloud to reduce costs and increase cyber resiliency.

Powered by Onapsis, the Accenture security assessment for Oracle EBS identifies where organizations’ mission-critical applications are vulnerable and the potential impact on the business to help protect them against internal and external cyber threats.

Hear it first hand from our partner Chaitanya Geddam, Managing Director at Accenture Security, to hear why Onapsis is an important part of keeping his clients Oracle EBS mission-critical applications secure and compliant. Together, we can achieve more.


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