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Why Our Partners Continue to Choose Onapsis

Why Our Partners Continue to Choose Onapsis

This year took a different turn and was full of unplanned change. Like many other corporations, we were faced with the challenge of doing business in a virtual world. No longer were the times of face-to-face meetings with our valued partners and customers. Like many of you, we transitioned to an entirely remote taskforce. With this, one constant remained true and apparent—that our partnerships were irreplaceable and arguably, more valuable than ever before. By quickly adapting and remaining connected, we were able to stay focused on our goal, together. Our ability to pivot showcased the power of relationships within our partner ecosystem, and our commitment to protecting the world’s most mission-critical applications. 

Just last month, we announced our expanded partnership with SAP. This new partnership allows SAP and Onapsis to work together to address security, compliance and resiliency challenges so customers can protect their mission-critical applications. The Onapsis Platform is now an SAP Endorsed App Available on SAP® App Center, providing SAP customers the ability to address security and compliance easily in digital transformation initiatives with confidence. 

This new partnership also provides our partners with further validation that Onapsis is the right cornerstone for the services they offer to keep SAP systems and mission-critical applications protected and compliant. Our strategic partnerships with the world’s leading consulting and audit firms, such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and PwC, provide customers with a choice in how to adopt The Onapsis Platform, as well as strategic guidance on how to integrate SAP applications into their existing cybersecurity and compliance programs and systems.

But don’t take my word for it. Rex Thexton, Managing Director of Accenture Security, highlights in a recent blog post the importance of this partnership and the trusted ecosystem. He explains how Onapsis provides a one-stop-solution that makes Accenture's job easier and faster while achieving leading-edge cybersecurity. Watch Rex discuss how Accenture has partnered with Onapsis to protect customers’ mission-critical applications. With partnerships such as SAP + Accenture + Onapsis, we can help customers accelerate their SAP digital initiatives with confidence.

Similarly, just last week we finalized a strategic partnership with Optiv. We have officially joined Optiv’s Authorized Partner Program as a top platinum partner, marking us one of only four vendor partners. These integrated partnerships provide a full combined portfolio of product and service solutions to help even more SAP customers become cyber resilient with Onapsis.

I’d like to thank our partners for making Onapsis the standard in such an important industry. This challenging time has really highlighted for me the importance of our trusted community. Let’s continue working together with confidence and making relationships stronger than ever.

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