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Don’t Take Our Word for It, Hear It From Our Partners!

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Hear It From Our Partners!

As I wrote in my blog post last week, this year took a different turn, but it has been humbling and reassuring to know that through this challenging time, our partnerships have remained strong and our goals have remained constant. To know we are in this journey together with our partners through thick and the thin makes it all worth it in the end. A month ago, Rex Thexton, Managing Director of Accenture Security, wrote a blog post on the importance of the trusted ecosystem we have created and how together we are able to provide our customers with a robust SAP cybersecurity and compliance service to help secure their business. Bottom line, it is the combination of the partnership that provides a clear path to a robust cybersecurity service for our clients. But, don’t take my word for it—hear it directly from Rex below as he discusses how Accenture has partnered with Onapsis to protect customers’ mission-critical applications. 



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