Better Together: A New Strategic Partnership Between Onapsis & SAP

Onapsis was originally founded to solve one of the most critical gaps in the cybersecurity industry: the protection of the business applications that power the global economy. With SAP customers distributing 78% of the world’s food, 82% of the world’s medical devices, and generating a staggering 87% of the world’s total commerce, protecting SAP business applications has always been a fundamental part of our mission.

As one of the fastest-growing cloud companies, SAP provides best-in-class solutions to the world’s leading organizations, helping them transform, run and optimize their businesses for the modern digital era. While leading these transformation initiatives, executives are faced with the daunting challenge of navigating a perfect storm: having to deliver the expected business outcomes while being resilient to ever-increasing cyber threats and complying with strict regulatory requirements. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with SAP to address these challenges, building on more than a decade of strong collaboration on technology and cybersecurity research between our firms. Through this new partnership, the Onapsis Platform becomes the first and only cybersecurity and compliance solution endorsed by SAP, immediately available as an SAP Endorsed App on the SAP Store.

This exclusive alliance enables our teams to partner more closely together and empower SAP customers to innovate faster while ensuring their crown jewels are protected and compliant. SAP’s vast 40,000+ sales, customer success and field teams can now offer the SAP-endorsed Onapsis Platform to customers globally, helping them securely accelerate their SAP RISE, S/4HANA and Cloud transformation initiatives. 

Hundreds of the world’s largest organizations, including nearly 30% of the Global Forbes 100, the leading system integrators, audit and consulting firms already rely on Onapsis as the industry standard to protect business applications. This strengthened partnership and exclusive endorsement by SAP provides our customers and partners with easier and global access to Onapsis’ solutions, and further validates their decision to trust the market leader to keep their SAP business applications secure and compliant. 

We are thrilled about this new phase in our partnership with SAP, and look forward to working together with SAP’s teams, customers and partners to help them accelerate their cloud and digital transformation initiatives with confidence and security. 

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SAP customers benefit from the Onapsis Platform, which is the only SAP security solution backed by a research team focused solely on business-critical applications. Onapsis Research Labs is the leading contributor of vulnerability research for the SAP Product Security Response Team, and since inception has discovered over 1,000 zero-day vulnerabilities within business applications. 

By leveraging market-leading SAP security and compliance capabilities with the power of Onapsis Research Labs threat intelligence, Onapsis delivers value through four key pillars: Vulnerability Management, Threat Detection and Response, Application Security Testing, and Automated Compliance.

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