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Built for and endorsed by SAP

Our team will showcase how Onapsis takes a holistic approach to SAP & Oracle security. Many of our customers start with one of the following in mind:

  • Vulnerability Management: Identify, understand, and act on risk to your most critical assets
  • Threat Detection & Response: Gain visibility, context, and the ability to quickly respond to threats facing your essential systems
  • Application Security Testing: Automated security testing designed for your business-critical applications allows for quick identification of issues before they can cause problems
  • Compliance Automation: Remedy the extensive time commitment and overall burden of manually testing IT general controls 

If any of these are of particular interest, please let us know and someone from our team will reach out to you directly!

Onapsis offers the only cybersecurity and compliance solution endorsed by SAP

Onapsis offers the only cybersecurity and compliance solution endorsed by SAP

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Global Lead of SAP Operations

F250 Biotechnology Company

"A threat to our SAP applications is a threat to the patients that rely on our products. With Onapsis we can be proactive with our SAP security and keep our critical applications - and patients - safe. Their vulnerability assessments allow us to understand and act on the risk within our landscape, while their continuous threat monitoring ensures we have pre-patch protection and compensating controls in place until we can apply the appropriate patch or fix. "

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