Onapsis for SAP® Systems

Onapsis takes a holistic approach to securing business-critical SAP applications, providing visibility and actionable intelligence at the system, application, code and transport level. The discovery, automation and reporting capabilities of The Onapsis Platform enable organizations running SAP to:

  • Manage vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Identify and prioritize missing SAP Security Notes 
  • Audit user roles and activities
  • Monitor for threats or risky behavior
  • Analyze custom code for security and quality issues
  • Inspect transports for harmful or misconfigured content
  • Assess systems against compliance standards
  • Collect evidence to support internal and external audits

These capabilities allow security, audit, Basis and development teams to effectively collaborate and keep their critical SAP systems protected, compliant and operating properly. 

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A Comprehensive Approach to SAP Security, Compliance and Operational Resilience

The Onapsis Platform contains a suite of products designed to address SAP security from multiple angles. 



Proactive identification and measurement of exposure to vulnerabilities and exploits within ERP Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, missing notes; understand risk; prioritize remediation

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Threat Detection & Response


Continuously monitor for threats and misuse; integrate with SIEMs

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Application Security Testing

Control for Code

Find and fix security, compliance and quality issues in SAP custom code

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Secure Change Management 

Control for Transport

Inspect SAP transports to avoid import errors, outages, downgrades, security and compliance issues

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Automate testing and validation of IT controls to maintain continuous compliance

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The Onapsis Platform for SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors offers built-in security features, but its controls can be difficult to configure correctly, and do not give you the visibility you need to ensure security and compliance of your interconnected mission-critical  applications—from the core to the cloud. In an interconnected application environment, one misconfigured system or security vulnerability can put your entire enterprise at risk. 

The Onapsis Platform for SAP SuccessFactors delivers actionable insight into your SuccessFactors implementation and its interconnections so your IT operations, information security and audit and compliance teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, prioritize and eliminate application misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

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Powered by the Onapsis Research Labs

The Onapsis Research Labs is a team of cybersecurity experts who combine in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver security insights and threat intel affecting business-critical applications from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others.

Onapsis proactively updates its products with the latest threat intelligence and other security guidance from the Onapsis Research Labs. This provides customers with more comprehensive coverage, including early alerts, improved configurations and pre-patch protection ahead of scheduled vendor updates. The ongoing discoveries from the Onapsis Research Labs keeps The Onapsis Platform ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

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