Assess Baseline Provides Easy Entry Point for Biotech Company to Secure Their Critical SAP Applications

Many organizations don’t know where to start when it comes to vulnerability management for SAP. Or they think it’s going to be too hard…or too expensive…or require more bandwidth than they have…or will simply take too long to set up.  

But, as the following case study will show you ⁠— SAP vulnerability management doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right tools. Learn how a CISO at a mid-size biotech company went from having a major cybersecurity blind spot around their critical SAP applications to quickly establishing a successful vulnerability management program with the help of Onapsis.

The Challenge: No Visibility into SAP Security

This particular biotech company contracts with a third party for SAP application management, meaning much of their work around application patching and configuration is wholly outsourced. SAP is a critical system for their partners, supply chain, and manufacturing operations. With added pressure coming from their Board of Directors and investors around accelerated attacks on critical systems and ransomware, the CISO of the company needed to get a much better understanding of their risk exposure with their business-critical SAP applications.

Unfortunately, the service provider handling their application management was unable to provide sufficient evidence of the company’s SAP security posture, so the CISO began researching solutions to provide the direct visibility they needed: 



The Solution: Achieving an SAP Security Baseline with Onapsis Vulnerability Management

Onapsis’s new Assess Baseline offering was the perfect option for this biotech company to get up and running with SAP vulnerability management. The easy-to-deploy and highly targeted offering focuses on the vulnerabilities aligned with the SAP Security Baseline, which is SAP’s recommended set of minimum security requirements for an organization’s SAP systems.

With Assess Baseline, this biotech company was able to accelerate deployment and time-to-value by starting with this core, targeted set of vulnerabilities. This enabled them to establish a vulnerability management process for SAP, including:

  • Gaining much-needed visibility into the security posture of their critical SAP systems
  • Understanding the potential business impact of identified vulnerabilities to drive prioritization
  • Providing their third-party SAP application management provider with step-by-step technical solutions 
  • Tracking and validating the remediation work of the service provider managing their SAP applications
  • Reporting on current risk status and measuring progress over time


A Look to the Future: Continuing Their SAP Security Maturity Journey with Onapsis

One of the main reasons this customer chose Assess Baseline is that it allowed them to get started quickly and easily with a more focused scope. Now that they have established an SAP vulnerability management process, they project expanding to more advanced vulnerability use cases, such as custom code and additional configuration and authorization checks. They are also interested in building out their SAP security approach beyond vulnerability management by implementing continuous threat monitoring.



Jumpstart Your SAP Vulnerability Management with Onapsis

Your organization can achieve these results Onapsis Assess Baseline is an easy-to-deploy, highly-targeted offering that focuses on the vulnerabilities aligned with the SAP Security Baseline, SAP’s recommended set of minimum security requirements for an organization’s SAP systems. Assess Baseline enables companies of any size to accelerate deployment and time-to-value by starting with a core, targeted set of vulnerabilities on their journey to ensure cybersecurity, compliance, and availability of their SAP applications before scaling to more advanced vulnerability management use cases with our Assess offering.  

Onapsis’s in-house team of experts is dedicated to our customers’ success, wherever you are in your business-application security journey. Let our team leverage their years of SAP and security expertise to help your organization secure what matters most today and establish a strategic plan for a more secure future state aligned to leading practices and industry-recognized standards. Talk to an expert today.