SAP® BASIS Administrator

Your business-critical ERP applications are vital to your organization. Your business teams rely on their performance to power operations, book revenue and manage resources. Your job is crucial … to ensure uptime, robustness, stability and performance.

What’s holding back your future?

Change means risk—risk of extended downtime, risk of system stability, risk of exposure to new vulnerabilities and risk of compliance violations.

What We deliver

Onapsis offers a comprehensive solution

Onapsis eliminates the operational risks associated with ERP maintenance and modernization with an integrated solution for SAP Basis teams to fortify the application transport process, assess custom-code and proactively identify system misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Actionable Insight

Get greater visibility into potential business disruptions associated with custom-code, third-party software and transports, so you can take proactive measures to ensure systems are up and reduce your meantime to repair for your SAP systems.

Continuous Monitoring
Detect any potential internal or external abuse or misuse to ensure your systems run smoothly and continue to support your business stakeholders.
Automated Governance
Onapsis automatically prevents unauthorized changes and gives you enforcement and protection capabilities so that systems stay stable and perform efficiently.
The Onapsis Solution

Advance Your SAP Operations

As external threats to SAP operations increase, it is critical that you maintain 24/7 availability of these systems, especially as you plan and implement SAP system upgrades or transformations. Onapsis delivers actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance to ensure the secure operations of your SAP systems.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Proactively detect operational issues affecting SAP
With Onapsis, you can continuously monitor your SAP applications and be alerted if any misconfiguration, unexpected changes or external influences pose a threat to the availability of the systems.

Perform automated assessments to business-critical applications
Onapsis enables you to perform comprehensive security assessments and provides prioritized findings and remediation advice so you can address the vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk to your operations.

Enforce policies and protect your SAP environment
Onapsis allows you to reduce the attack surface by preventing and blocking misconfiguration or unauthorized changes, minimizing disruptions and keeping your systems up and available.

Get transparency and security in your SAP change management process
Onapsis provides protection against malicious attacks or unsafe content by checking internal and third-party transports before importing them into an SAP system, improving security and quality of your development process.

Align and collaborate with cross-functional teams
Onapsis solutions provide an effective mechanism to collaborate with functional teams to define how business processes are securely delivered using various SAP application solutions.


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