You’ve spent millions on perimeter security, and ten times that on customizing your business-critical SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications. Unfortunately, neither investment protects these systems that run your business. They are a security blind spot and an operational vulnerability - and increasingly targeted by bad actors.

DHS Cert-Alerts issued on malicious cyber-activity targeting business-critical apps 

Business-critical systems have been breached in the past two years

Confirmed exploitations of unprotected SAP applications observed by Onapsis Research Labs 

Manage and Reduce Risk to Business-Critical Applications 

Your success depends on your ability to protect your most prized systems and the highly sensitive and regulated data that resides within them. Reducing the attack surface and having visibility into your systems will help you protect revenue streams, maximize shareholder value and reduce risk in your business-critical systems. 

Onapsis brings what matters most into focus. We partner with you to provide system, application, and code-level visibility and protection against internal and external attacks. 

Application Security Testing

Automated security testing designed for your business-critical applications allows for quick
identification of issues before they can cause problems.

Automated Compliance

Remedy the extensive time commitment and overall burden of manually testing IT general
controls for critical applications.

Vulnerability Management

Secure what your traditional vulnerability management tools don’t: your business- critical

Threat Detection & Response

Gain visibility, context, and the ability to quickly respond to threats facing your essential

Work Smarter And Drive Outcomes Across Your Organization

The Onapsis Platform enables you to work collaboratively with IT, application admin and audit/compliance teams to ensure optimal performance and compliance of the HR, finance, ERP, and supply chain applications that run your business.

Improved incident response times

Decrease in remediation efforts 

Reduction in time spent testing IT controls

Reduction in security and quality errors making it into production

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