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The benefits of moving your SAP and Oracle systems to the cloud are extensive, but the migration process involving these business-critical applications is complicated at best. Any sort of mistake or delay can lead to significant financial, operational or reputational damage.

Of course, migration is only half the battle. Operating in the cloud brings its own set of problems like internal responsibility for application security and compliance, despite a lack of visibility into cloud operating environments. 

Onapsis helps on both fronts. First, improving the security, compliance and quality of your critical systems in preparation of migration. Then, we help you maintain that posture and stay protected once you’re running in the cloud.

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59% of enterprises believe security is a barrier to moving ERP to the cloud
Nearly three-quarters of cloud data migration projects are not completed on time

Get Systems Cloud-Ready and Keep Them Protected with Onapsis

With Onapsis, you can address legacy security and compliance issues before you migrate to help reduce timelines, budget, and the risk of operational disruptions. And once in the cloud, Onapsis helps you secure your business-critical applications by delivering real-time visibility and alerts on security issues and compliance deviations. 

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Build security and compliance checks in from the start of the project to find problems as early as possible and avoid delays or rework 

Reduce Migration Project Costs

Identify issues before migration, when they are typically easier and less expensive to fix 

Trust but Verify Cloud Provider’s Environment

Get visibility into the cloud operating environment to ensure your apps are being protected according to your standards or contractual agreements

Protect Applications & Data in the Cloud 

Continuous monitoring and visibility after migration is complete ensures you maintain your security and compliance posture once in the cloud

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Vulnerability Management

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