To drive your organization’s business to new levels of success, you must optimize the uptime, functionality and availability of your business-critical applications, including those from SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. The challenge is that improvement and transformation efforts can introduce risk, including unexpected downtime, data loss, and potential compliance issues. 

Average cost of business-critical application downtime

Business-critical systems have been breached in the past two years

Average yearly cost of business disruption due to non-compliance

Keep Critical Applications Running, Accelerate Transformation

Your continuing success hinges on your ability to maximize availability of business-critical applications while embracing innovation and operationalizing security and compliance. They’re the keys to driving greater efficiencies, reducing risk and capitalizing on new opportunities. 

At Onapsis, we have the solutions and expertise to reduce the costs and risks associated with transformation so your business can achieve its top-line growth initiatives.

Vulnerability Management

Minimize risk to your business-critical applications and avoid security roadblocks to transformation

Threat Detection & Response

Identify and quickly respond to threats that put the availability of your critical systems at risk

Application Security Testing

Automated security testing designed for business-critical applications allows for quick
identification of issues before they can cause problems

Automated Compliance

Eliminate manual processes around testing IT General Controls to more easily identify deficiencies, avoid audit findings, and stay in compliance

Work Smarter And Drive Outcomes Across Your Organization

The Onapsis Platform enables you to work collaboratively with InfoSec and audit/compliance teams to ensure optimal performance and compliance of the HR, finance, ERP, and supply chain applications that run your business.

Reduction in security and quality errors making it into production

Decrease in remediation efforts

Reduction of unexpected outages

Reduction in time spent testing IT controls

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