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The Onapsis Platform

Optimize workflows and automate manual tasks so you can embrace and accelerate modernization and cloud initiatives while keeping your most vital systems and data protected.

The Onapsis Platform, powered by Onapsis Research Labs, provides visibility into your ERP applications to understand, manage and

Platform Overview

The Onapsis Platform provides unprecedented visibility into business SAP and Oracle applications, including ERP, CRM, PLM, HCM, SCM, BI and more.

Extend the capabilities of the Onapsis Platform with Premium Add-Ons - Onapsis Threat Intel Center and Network Detection Rule Pa

Premium Add Ons

Onapsis premium add-ons enhance the security capabilities, extend the value, and accelerate your return on investment for the core Onapsis Platform products

Platform Products

The actionable intelligence and products provided by Onapsis enable cross-functional teams to easily bring business applications into existing security, compliance, and development programs.

Onapsis Assess and Assess Baseline provide accelerated and comprehensive focus for vulnerability management within your business

Assess Baseline

Onapsis Assess Baseline empowers companies of any size to accelerate time-to-value by simplifying deployment with a new SaaS-based, zero-footprint model.

Onapsis Assess and Assess Baseline provide accelerated and comprehensive focus for vulnerability management within your business


Onapsis Assess uniquely provides vulnerability management for SAP and Oracle applications, including deep visibility into the entire application landscape.


Define, identify and monitor risk impacting controls and compliance standards with Onapsis Comply.


Onapsis Comply allows you to automatically assess SAP app configurations, password requirements, access, and authorization controls.


Onapsis Control - automated application development and security testing for your SAP applications.


Onapsis Control provides application security testing for SAP applications, including the ability to review third-party custom code and transports, and automatic remediation for common code errors.

Onapsis Defend provides continuous threat monitoring and pre-patch protection for SAP applications as well as integrating threat


Powered by Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis Defend acts as an early warning system for unauthorized changes, misuse, or cyberattacks targeting SAP applications.

Supported Business Applications

Onapsis is the marketing leader for ERP security and has solutions for your SAP or Oracle applications.

With the Onapsis Platform, you achieve a comprehensive approach to SAP security and compliance.

Onapsis for SAP

Our capabilities allow security, audit, Basis, and development teams to keep critical SAP systems protected and compliant.

We keep the Oracle®️ E-Business Suite (EBS) and your other business-critical applications protected and compliant.

Onapsis for Oracle

The Onapsis Platform for Oracle EBS provides IT, security, and compliance teams automate manual tasks and streamline processes.

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