Critical Security Configuration Risk in Unprotected SAP Implementations

In April 2019, several new exploits targeting SAP® business applications were released in a public forum. Although the exploits target insecure configurations that have been reported by SAP SE and Onapsis in the past, their public release significantly increases the risk of successful cyberattacks against SAP implementations globally. Based on hundreds of SAP implementation assessments and the proprietary threat intelligence of Onapsis, we estimate these exploits could affect 9 out of 10 SAP systems of more than 50,000 customers worldwide. We recommend you review and apply all relevant SAP security notes immediately.

Given the criticality of the risk posed by 10KBLAZE and insights from our threat intelligence capabilities, Onapsis has decided to open-source components of The Onapsis Platform and make intrusion detection signatures immediately and freely available to all SAP customers. Further, Onapsis has coordinated a global response with international government authorities, global SAP service providers and leading cyber threat detection and incident response firms to enable detection, monitoring and remediation of affected organizations globally.

We have created a full threat report with information about how to determine if you are at risk and steps to take for remediation.

Download the Threat Report