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E-book: Battling Trojan Horses in Your SAP Transports

E-book: Battling Trojan Horses in Your SAP Transports

Transports are considered an essential part of the SAP environment for day-to-day business. Used to transfer SAP content from one system to another, transports carry incredibly sensitive data, and even a secure production system can be compromised. 

When changes are made in your SAP production systems through SAP transports, you are exposing your SAP systems to a high-security risk. Transports are usually considered one of the easiest ways to introduce vulnerabilities, offering a dangerous gateway to these critical systems. These “Trojan horses” are able to stealthily enter your SAP systems and sneak in malicious content, such as espionage, data theft and data manipulation. These damages can be detrimental to your organization and cause significant financial loss, customers to lose trust and fines from regulatory bodies. 

While these losses can be substantial, many organizations are still unaware of the potential dangers of SAP transports and the level of security they require. Additionally, many organizations are unaware of these risks, and conventional tools are unable to detect these Trojan horse threats. Transport analysis by Onapsis closes this gap.

Download our ebook, Battling Trojan Horses in Your SAP Transports, to learn more.


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