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New Assessments Help Ensure Availability, Compliance and Security of Mission-Critical ERP Applications

New Assessments Help Ensure Availability, Compliance and Security of Mission-Critical ERP Applications

In today’s business climate with a workforce that quickly transitioned to working remotely, organizations must keep their most critical applications that power their businesses functioning, available, secure and compliant. With many IT, InfoSec and Audit groups under pressure, the challenge is finding the time and resources to ensure they are supporting the business. 

To assist with this, Onapsis is introducing new complimentary assessment services for SAP and Oracle ERP mission-critical applications, which are designed to improve uptime and availability, create audit efficiencies and keep you protected from threats. These new assessments are a part of our expanded Business Risk Illustration service and includes assessments for Operational Resiliency, Audit Efficiency and Cyber Risk

Mission-critical applications, such as SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), are the heart of businesses—holding the customer, financial, product, employee and other data needed to keep the organization running and progressing. Keeping these applications available, performing, compliant and secure are essential to the success of the business. Our expanded set of Business Risk Illustration assessments will discover and define where risks and inefficiencies exist within each of these areas and provide clear actions for improvement and cost savings.

The new Onapsis Business Risk Illustration assessments include:

  • Operational Resiliency: Organizations spend around $60,000 annually per system dealing with availability issues. This assessment helps to show quality, security and compliance issues in code, change management and configurations, with a direct correlation of how changes can impact application availability, uptime and integrity. The results we provide enable you to better manage change and prevent costly downtime events that can impact the business.
  • Audit Efficiency: Organizations process more than 80% of audits manually, testing and validating IT general controls for regulatory compliance and internal standards. This assessment will show areas of cost and resource savings and automation improvements that can be achieved in preparation for internal and external audits. This efficiency achieved from automating your audit processes can be used to help accelerate other projects important to the business.
  • Business Risk: A recent IDC survey found that 64% of organizations have been the victim of an ERP system (SAP and Oracle) breach in the past two years. This assessment provides a detailed report of existing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in ERP application code, change imports and on system and applications, highlighting potential exploit threats and compliance violations. We show you results that can help streamline and prioritize your remediation process to ensure your mission-critical applications are protected.

All of our Business Risk Illustration assessments run remotely, take less than two hours to complete and do not require installation of software or access to production systems. To learn more or request an assessment today, visit us here.

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