Wine Down!
Virtual Wine Tasting

Wine down with Onapsis and KPMG during this exclusive Virtual Wine Tasting event! 

Date: Thursday, November 4th
Time: 6:00 PM ET

The wine world can be intimidating and vast. Similarly, mission-critical applications are complex and often require specialized knowledge and skills to run them. Wine down with your fellow security peers as we highlight ways to increase visibility, understand risk and prioritize remediation in your mission-critical applications.

In this exclusive virtual wine tasting experience with KPMG & Onapsis we will learn why agriculture is so important for your wine and why securing your mission-critical applications is essential for the success of your business. You’ll have the chance to see a demo of the solutions that can help your organization secure its SAP applications, including vulnerability management, threat monitoring, application security testing, and compliance automation.

These bottles will be shipped to your homes so that you can enjoy the same experience as your peers no matter where you’re located. Learn best practices for sipping wine from a certified sommelier and discover wine culture without ever having to leave the couch. 

Fill out the information to join! 

Note: Please register by 10/7 to receive the wine.

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