Address Quality, Security and Compliance Throughout Your SAP Application Development Lifecycle

The concept of shifting quality, security and compliance testing further left in the development cycle, AKA the DevSecOps process, is increasing in importance to ensure SAP application integrity and optimization, while reducing risk. By automating code analysis and correction in development, transport inspection and verification during release and change management and continuous monitoring in production, you have a strong agile foundation for continuous improvement throughout your application development lifecycle.

Only Onapsis delivers a complete solution to align development, operations and security teams to effectively and efficiently support an SAP DevSecOps process. By continually addressing quality, security and compliance, Onapsis helps accelerate application delivery and key projects, such as S/4HANA transformation and cloud migrations. By identifying and fixing issues early on in development, you can ensure application availability and avoid costly repairs and downtime in production.

Enable DevSecOps for SAP with The Onapsis Platform

Onapsis integrates with existing SAP development environments (e.g., SAP HANA Studio, Eclipse, SAP Web IDE and SAP ABAP development workbench) and change management processes (e.g., SAP ChaRM), allowing you to build security, compliance, and quality checks into every stage of the application development lifecycle. This way, you can be proactive throughout the development stages, identifying security, compliance and quality issues during coding and transport processes to avoid critical issues before release. Once in production, you can continuously monitor for and defend against threats, transports and system security issues, configuration drift and suspicious user activity.


Establish security, compliance and quality baselines


Analyze SAP custom code for security, compliance and quality errors during development 


Automate code correction for identified errors


Inspect transports to check and improve completeness of development packs 


Analyze SAP custom code for security, compliance and quality errors before you release to production


Block risky transports and code from introducing vulnerabilities into production systems


Assess deployed custom code to ensure no security, compliance and quality issues have been introduced to production systems


Assess for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to prevent security and compliance gaps


Lock and block critical SAP configuration changes that could introduce security issues or take systems out of compliance


Continuously monitor user access and activity for suspicious behavior, such as privilege escalation or authorization misuse and abuse


Receive near real-time alerts for suspected threats and system attacks

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Improve stability and quality of SAP applications

Find and fix security, compliance and quality issues in custom code and transports that could negatively impact performance, availability and uptime


Optimize change management processes

Avoid critical issues that can result in delays or rework by checking code, transports and package completion prior to release

Accelerate secure application delivery and reduce remediation costs

Building security, compliance and quality checks into the development lifecycle from the start allows you to find issues early when they are easier and less expensive to fix

Allow users to focus on core responsibilities

Onapsis checks code and transports for hundreds of security, compliance and quality issues and provides remediation guidance, allowing users to efficiently fix problems without expert knowledge on these concepts or company baselines

Assess third-party created code and transports 

Identify potential security, compliance and quality issues with third-party created content before importing into your environment

Enforce security and compliance baselines

Analyze code, transports, configurations and authorizations against established baselines throughout the application development lifecycle

Monitor application security, user activity and threats in production 

Onapsis continuously monitors for risks, suspicious activity and other threats and allows you to block unapproved or risky changes to ensure your applications remain protected, compliant and available once they are in production

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Looking to accelerate application delivery while ensuring quality, security and compliance? We have partners that can help. Onapsis works with the leading system integrators and managed security service providers that integrate The Onapsis Platform into your DevSecOps process today. 

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A Solution that Addresses Everyone’s Concerns

Onapsis helps accelerate development efforts and transformation projects by building security, compliance and quality checks into every stage of the SAP application development lifecycle. Implement a process of continuous improvement by finding and fixing critical issues before they hit production and negatively impact performance, availability and uptime.

Onapsis helps build security checks into the SAP application development process, providing security oversight into systems managed by other teams. Continuous monitoring for overall system health and security vulnerabilities help you understand the threat landscape of your mission-critical applications, manage risk and keep SAP systems protected.

Onapsis allows SAP application development and change management teams to build compliance checks into their processes, ensuring SAP code, applications and systems are developed and configured inline with corporate and regulatory compliance standards and remain compliant throughout the application lifecycle.


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