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Optimizing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to deliver highly available applications that support the business is your top priority. When changes impact security, compliance and uptime of these business-critical applications, you must be prepared to rapidly respond and fix issues to minimize business disruptions. At Onapsis, we help reduce this burden with an automated solution that easily checks for missing or incorrectly configured security patches, insecure system parameters, and configurations and risky user authorizations.

What’s holding back your future?

For database admins (DBAs) and application developers, the continual cycle of finding and remediating configuration issues and vulnerabilities, sometimes even the same ones that have already been remediated before, is often a manual and time-consuming process.

What We deliver

Onapsis offers a comprehensive solution

Onapsis eliminates the operational risks associated with ERP maintenance and modernization by helping to streamline change processes and ensure the reliability and performance of your organization’s business-critical applications.
Actionable Insight

Get greater visibility into vulnerabilities and risk, including automated discovery, assessment and remediation, so you can take swift action.

Continuous Monitoring

Onapsis delivers 360° application awareness and real-time alerting on configuration changes so you can easily stay on top of vulnerabilities.

Automated Governance

Onapsis automatically performs assessments to continually validate security and compliance requirements.

The Onapsis Solution

Advance Your Cyber Resilience

In today’s dynamic, global business climate, your continuing success hinges on your ability to maximize availability of business-critical applications while embracing innovation and operationalizing security and compliance. The Onapsis Platform for Oracle EBS provides an effective and efficient solution to align IT, security and compliance teams by automating manual tasks and streamlining processes required to maximize availability and keep you protected and compliant.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Automate security and compliance assessments
Onapsis automates the assessment of your Oracle EBS systems to proactively identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Prioritize and streamline remediation
Onapsis helps you prioritize remediation of issues that can impact availability, security and compliance.

Gain efficiencies to optimize Oracle EBS
Onapsis will eliminate burdensome tasks, allowing you to focus on projects to optimize and modernize Oracle EBS.

Ensure critical patch updates are installed
Onapsis checks for missing or incorrectly configured security patches to help you verify patches are up to date.

Cross-functional alignment
Onapsis aligns cross-functional teams to efficiently and effectively keep Oracle EBS available, secure and compliant.


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