You’ve spent millions on perimeter security, and ten times that on customizing your business-critical SAP® and Oracle® E-Business Suite applications. Unfortunately, neither investment protects the ERP systems that run your business. These systems are a security blind spot and an operational vulnerability.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert reporting a 100% increase in attacks targeting ERP systems since 2016 as motivated attackers have turned their attention to the application layer.

What’s holding back your future?

Applying a cyber risk management approach to your ERP applications that is reasonable, fairly measured, consistent and predictable is challenging, especially given the dynamics of system ownership and oversight.

What We deliver

Onapsis offers a comprehensive solution

Onapsis brings what matters most into focus. We partner with you to provide code, application and system-level visibility and protection against internal and external attacks. And, we give you a platform to work collaboratively with IT, ERP admin and GRC teams to ensure optimal performance and compliance of the HR, finance and supply-chain applications that run your business.

We eliminate blind spots by delivering actionable intelligence, automated governance and continuous monitoring. And only we are enabling InfoSec teams with real-time logging, monitoring and alerting capabilities within their SIEM. 

Actionable Insight

Get greater visibility into vulnerabilities and risk, including automated discovery, assessment and remediation, so you can take swift action.

Continuous Monitoring

Onapsis delivers 360° application awareness, real-time alerting, and streamlined incident detection and response so you can easily stay on top of internal and external threats.

Automated Governance

Onapsis automatically prevents unauthorized changes, ensures data protection compliance and gives you enforcement and protection capabilities.

The Onapsis Solution

Advance your cybersecurity

As you modernize your infrastructure in the evolving threat landscape, your success depends on your ability to protect your most prized systems and the highly sensitive and regulated data that resides within them. Reducing the attack surface and having visibility into your systems will help you protect revenue streams, maximize shareholder value and reduce risk in your ERP systems. Onapsis delivers actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance to transform, secure and govern your most critical business applications and systems.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Anticipate security problems to avoid disruptions
Onapsis provides visibility into your ERP attack landscape and assesses your systems and code for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations so that you can proactively fix issues and minimize risks to the business.

Unparalleled expertise in SAP and Oracle EBS security
ERP systems are complex and sophisticated, and Onapsis provides the specialization in the mission-critical application layer to avoid security blindspots for the systems that run your business.

Accelerate key digital transformation initiatives
Many organizations are currently performing complex digital transformation or cloud migration projects to SAP S/4HANA®. Onapsis performs security assessments in the initial phases to avoid unexpected delays later in the process.

Shift security efforts left
Fixing bugs in the production environment is on average five times more expensive than doing it in development. Onapsis provides feedback on what vulnerabilities to fix as your developers code, minimizing risks in live systems.

Streamline your response to compliance requests from internal and external auditors
Only Onapsis automates 92% of the audit processes required to test and validate IT general controls in ERP systems that auditors require.

Gain early insights into security threats
The Onapsis Research Labs works around the clock to discover security threats to SAP and Oracle EBS and alert you to the risks.


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