To drive your organization’s business to new levels of success, you must optimize the uptime, functionality and availability of your business-critical applications. The challenge is that change can introduce risk—unexpected downtime, code vulnerabilities and potential compliance issues. At Onapsis, we have the solutions and expertise that reduces the costs and risks associated with transformation so your business can achieve its top-line growth initiatives.

What’s holding back your future?

You want to move boldly to implement the means of digital transformation—platform upgrades, cloud migrations, SaaS applications, IoT, mobility and more. But with 2018 research showing a 100% increase in public exploits of SAP® and Oracle® EBS applications since 2015, risk assessment and compliance automation has to form a significant part of your transformation strategy.

What We deliver

Onapsis offers a comprehensive solution

Actionable Insight

Get the intel you need to discover, assess and fix custom and third-party code, application-layer vulnerabilities and system-level misconfigurations to achieve the highest possible ERP application performance with peace of mind.

Secure Change

Control and mitigate operational risks associated with routine code, application and system maintenance, patching and modernizations of the SAP, Oracle EBS and SaaS platforms that your business relies on every day.

Automated Governance

With Onapsis, IT controls are continually tested and validated to meet compliance requirements and enforce configurations to harden ERP systems and prevent drift.

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time visibility and threat alerts allow you to respond quickly to unauthorized changes or cyberattacks targeting the SAP, Oracle EBS and SaaS applications that run your business.

The Onapsis Solution

Advance your cyber resilience

In today’s dynamic, global business climate, your continuing success hinges on your ability to maximize availability of business-critical applications while embracing innovation and operationalizing security and compliance. They’re the keys to driving greater efficiencies, reducing risk and capitalizing on new opportunities. Onapsis delivers actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance to transform, secure and govern your most critical business applications and systems.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Align InfoSec security measures with ERP lifecycle support
With Onapsis, you can align SAP and Oracle EBS InfoSec best practices with the ERP lifecycle to optimize uptime and availability.

Bring automated assessments, testing and audits to business-critical applications
Onapsis enables you to automate comprehensive security assessments, penetration testing and security audits against ERP systems.

Streamline your response to compliance requests from internal and external auditors
Only Onapsis automates 92% of the audit processes required to test and validate IT general controls in ERP systems that auditors require.

Gain early insights into security threats
The Onapsis Research Labs works around the clock to discover security threats to SAP and Oracle EBS and alert you to the risks.

Gain efficiencies to progress digital transformation
Automating manual processes and aligning cross-functional teams to better address ERP security and compliance requirements will enable you to reallocate resources to strategic projects.


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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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