Reduce HANA Transformation Costs and Timelines with Security and Compliance by Design

With an SAP-imposed deadline of 2027, virtually every SAP customer should already be planning their transformation to S/4HANA. Whether you are planning to start from scratch with a new implementation on HANA, migrating legacy systems or taking a hybrid approach, building in security and compliance from the start is essential for accelerating these projects and preventing costly delays.  

Onapsis facilitates S/4HANA transformations by providing visibility and actionable insight into system, application, code and transport quality issues, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The earlier you can find and remediate these issues, the easier and less expensive they are to fix. Building this find-fix-repeat process into your transformations significantly reduces project costs and timelines, while also minimizing security, compliance and performance risks.

Why do you need to move to S/4HANA?

Beginning in 2027, SAP will end its current maintenance program for legacy systems (e.g., ECC, R/3) and only support applications based on S/4HANA. This means the thousands of SAP customers who have not moved to HANA yet are up against the clock and, given the scope of this type of project, need to begin their transformations now. Those still running legacy systems after the 2027 deadline will no longer receive any updates, security or otherwise, leaving their most critical business applications vulnerable to security risks and operational disruptions. 

What’s the Difference?

  • SAP HANA: The next-generation in-memory relational database technology; essentially the backend of the SAP system. The benefits of HANA include superior performance, efficiency, optimum data management, simplification and innovation. 
  • SAP S/4HANA: The evolution of the SAP ERP system—succeeding ECC and R/3—built to run exclusively on HANA. It supports the standard SAP ERP functionality and SAP Fiori UX. 
The Onapsis Solution

Onapsis Gets You S/4HANA Ready & Keeps You Protected

No matter which approach you take—brownfield, greenfield, hybrid—and whether you are implementing on-premises or in the cloud, Onapsis can help with your S/4HANA transformation.  Prepare legacy systems and code for migration by finding and fixing errors, vulnerabilities, compliance problems, missing patches, misconfigurations and other quality issues so you aren’t bringing old problems into your new system. Interactive code analysis and transport inspections accelerate development of new HANA and Fiori applications by ensuring code quality from the start, minimizing manual code reviews, and preventing import errors. Continuous monitoring and threat detection ensure your applications and data remain secure, compliant and available at every stage of the transformation, including once you are fully running on S/4HANA. 

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Prepare legacy applications and code for migration

Find and fix legacy security and compliance issues before migrating; assess and correct ABAP code for HANA-readiness

Accelerate development of new HANA and Fiori applications

Onapsis code analysis finds security and quality issues in real-time and provides automated fixes, saving significant developer time and minimizing manual processes

Support DevSecOps 

Build and check against security, compliance and code quality baselines at every stage of the development lifecycle 

Reduce remediation costs

Identify and address code and system configuration issues and vulnerabilities early in the process, decreasing high costs of fixing in later stages


Prevent delays due to security, compliance, transport or code quality issues

Find and remediate misconfigurations, bad transports, poor code and other vulnerabilities before they can lead to performance issues or project delays

Avoid compliance violations

Potential compliance failures can be mitigated early on, avoiding costly fines and other consequences of non-compliance

Protect applications during and after transformation

Continuous monitoring, visibility after transformation is complete and near real-time detection of malicious activity or misuse protect your critical applications throughout transformation and after

Prevent configuration drift

Once your systems are in a secure and compliant state, lock down configuration parameters to ensure they stay that way

Get Help with Your S/4HANA Transformation From an Onapsis Partner


Preparing for an S/4HANA transformation?

We have partners that can help. Onapsis works with the leading system integrators and managed security service providers to secure and prepare your business-critical applications for transformation.

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Onapsis offers a complimentary assessment of your SAP, Oracle and Salesforce business applications to discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment, including business impact, exploit potential, and compliance violations.

A Solution that Addresses Everyone’s Concerns

Onapsis can help your S/4HANA transformation finish on time and on budget by supporting DevSecOps, accelerating development efforts and preventing security or compliance roadblocks.

You have good reason to be concerned that any digital transformation effort may open up vulnerabilities in the environment you’ve worked hard to secure. Onapsis addresses these concerns by preventing unauthorized access and changes to systems, supporting DevSecOps, enforcing security policies and more.

The Onapsis Platform provides compliance and audit teams the visibility and automated reporting capabilities they need to ensure SAP systems remain compliant throughout an S/4HANA transformation and after. 


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Prevent application downtime and costly business disruption

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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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