RISE to the Occasion

Understand Your Security Responsibilities and Achieve SAP Cyber Resilience


Complex SAP landscapes create complex business and security challenges. Moving to a RISE with SAP program has the potential to simplify many aspects of this complexity. However, do you know what your security responsibilities are under RISE with SAP?  

As part of RISE with SAP, customers benefit from high-caliber, secure cloud infrastructure and various security services managed by SAP. However, it’s important to remember that there are areas of security that are NOT covered by SAP that you will have to manage yourself. 

In this informative session, David D’Aprile - VP of Product Marketing at Onapsis, will help you to:

  • Understand the Shared Security Model and what is (and is not included) in RISE with SAP
  • Learn where you should consider investing time and resources for SAP security
  • Get started today - wherever you are in your RISE journey - in establishing broader SAP cyber resilience



David D’Aprile, VP of Product Marketing at Onapsis

David D’Aprile
VP of Product Marketing

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