Understand & Minimize Risk for Business-Critical Applications

Your business-critical applications like those from SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce are not only imperative to your business' success, but they're also vulnerable. An attack on any of these applications can leave your organization's operations limping. Your finances, and even your reputation can be devastated in the process. 

It all comes down to a blind spot in these systems' security which is generally out of scope for in-house security teams. This blind spot makes these systems a prime target for internal misuse and external attacks. 

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US DHS Cert-Alerts issued since 2016 on increasing threats to business-critical applications
Organizations have been the victim of a business-critical system breach in the past two years
Automated exploitations of unprotected SAP systems discovered by Onapsis Research Labs

Secure Your Business-Critical Applications with Onapsis

Only Onapsis provides visibility and proven protection for the business-critical application layer in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. So you can identify and understand risk, prioritize remediation, respond immediately to new threats, meet compliance and reduce the overall attack surface.

Identify and understand risks

Discover and assess system security issues, misconfigurations, authorization issues, missing patches and vulnerabilities.

Prioritize remediation

Understand the business impact of new and existing vulnerabilities and how to fix so you can partner with IT on remediation efforts.

Respond immediately to new threats

Understand which activities put your critical applications at risk and empower Security Operations and Incident Response teams to respond accordingly.

Reduce the attack surface

Continuously monitor system health and identify misconfigurations or unauthorized changes.

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