Business-critical applications, like those from SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, process your organization’s most regulated data - financial, customer, employee, IP, sales, etc. Ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of this data and the underlying business processes is essential to keep business operations running smoothly and ensuring your compliance requirements are met.

The challenge is that identifying issues that put these critical systems at risk isn’t easy, often involving manual efforts across departments and no direct visibility for risk and compliance teams. 

Average percentage of primary controls that must be tested manually

Average yearly cost of fines and penalties due to non-compliance

Business-critical systems have been breached in the past two years

Automate Compliance Processes and Minimize Risk

Your continued success hinges on your ability to maximize availability of these business-critical applications while embracing innovation and operationalizing security and compliance. Providing direct access for compliance teams, reducing manual processes, obtaining more accurate audit results, and avoiding surprises and violations will free up valuable cross-functional resources that can be better allocated to support the business.

Onapsis provides the tools you need to streamline audit processes, maintain regulatory compliance requirements, and minimize risk for mission-critical applications. 

Vulnerability Management

Identify issues that put the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your critical data and processes at risk.

Threat Detection & Response

Continuously monitor for audit deficiencies, access issues, suspicious behavior, and other activities that could take systems out of compliance.

Application Security Testing

Identify issues at the code level that put your critical data and processes at risk of non-compliance.

Automated Compliance

Eliminate manual processes around testing IT General Controls to more easily identify deficiencies, avoid audit findings, and stay in compliance.

Work Smarter And Drive Outcomes Across Your Organization

By aligning everyone involved in the audit process—IT, InfoSec, and audit/compliance—with automation, Onapsis enables you to gain efficiencies, provide more accurate results and free up resources to focus on business critical matters.


Of tasks associated with controls testing can be automated

Savings per year compared to manual audit processes

Reduction in time spent testing IT controls

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