Continuous Compliance for Business-Critical Applications

Business-critical applications, like those from SAP and Oracle contain vital data (customer, financial, product, employee, etc.) that keeps your organization running. As expected, this data is heavily regulated, resulting in significant resources being used for audits to assure it is protected and in compliance.

Through automation, the Onapsis Platform streamlines the audit process of IT controls and produces more accurate results with less surprises. Resources free up, employee fatigue goes down and your business is more focused on the future.

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Average percentage of primary controls that must be tested manually

Average yearly cost of fines and penalties due to non-compliance

Business-critical systems have been breached in the past two years

Establish an Automated & Repeatable Continuous Compliance Process with Onapsis

Onapsis helps organizations take a proactive approach to governance, risk and compliance for business-critical applications. With Onapsis, you can automate audit efforts, continuously monitor for audit deficiencies, regularly assess your entire system landscape for risk and ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance requirements.

Achieve More Accurate Results

Consistent reproducible audit process eliminates human error and delivers greater report accuracy.

Gain Efficiencies & Increase Productivity

Automate the tedious, manual tasks of audit investigation and data collection to allocate resources to more strategic projects.

Realize Immediate Savings

Save significant time and costs compared to manual audit efforts.

Avoid Violations or Audit Findings

Get ahead of the audit cycle and avoid surprises by proactively assessing your systems against regulatory requirements.

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