Business-Critical Applications Are Increasingly at Risk From Bad Actors & Companies Can’t Keep Up

ICMAD is the latest example of a critical vulnerability with a wide impact, potentially affecting more than 40,000 SAP customers.

If Not Now, When?



Modern enterprises face a perfect storm of complexity that makes it extremely challenging to secure the business-critical applications that sit at the center of their financial operations. Digital transformation projects, cloud and S/4HANA migrations, and a large number of newly connected applications and vendors to your critical systems increase this complexity and make things worse. Unfortunately, threat actors aren’t taking it easy. They’re going on the attack. IDC notes that 64% of ERP systems have been breached in the past couple of years, and joint threat intelligence from SAP, CISA, and Onapsis verifies this, showcasing examples of threat actors who are launching dedicated, sophisticated attacks on these critical applications by exploiting new and well-known vulnerabilities.

The Threats Are Real

The actionable intelligence and products provided by The Onapsis Platform enable cross-functional teams to easily bring business-critical applications into existing security, compliance, and development programs.


of ERP systems have been breached in the past 2 years


stolen by a single threat group


SAP customers affected by ICMAD vulnerabilities

SAPinsider Research Highlights The Cybersecurity Threats Targeting SAP Systems

In a recent survey, SAPinsider examined the experiences of business and technology professionals about how they are approaching security for their SAP applications to see if existing cybersecurity measures are sufficient to face a changing threat landscape.
Turns out they are not. Here are some of the facts:

  • ⅓ of participants said that they have suffered from some sort of credential compromise, malware or cybersecurity attack that has impacted their SAP environment. 
  • 47% of companies are faced with keeping up with patches and updates.
  • 30% of respondents said that their organization had experienced a credentials compromise or password misuse that had impacted their SAP systems 
  • Ransomware attacks are still the biggest threat to SAP systems today, causing a massive impact on company operations.
  • Having SAP systems offline for a week or more seriously impacts the functioning of the company, well beyond the revenue loss.

The Attacks Are Happening.

It Is Time To Act.

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