Application Security Testing Designed For Your Critical SAP Applications

Secure SAP Development at the Speed of Digital Transformation


SAP applications are the cornerstone of business operations and have become a top attack vector for enterprises. The need for secure development and testing of applications have never been greater.  Yet there is a lack of tools that sufficiently support SAP languages, components, and development environments, resulting in the use of manual code reviews which are error prone. The accelerated pace of digital transformation has led organizations to balance speed with security as well as rely on third-party code and outsourced development teams, both of which can introduce security flaws and risk.

Hear from our Field CTO on best practices for coping with the interconnected risk and challenges of today's accelerated development cycles.


Featured Speaker

Curtis Parker
Field CTO

Reduce Costs and Development Times for SAP Development Cycles

SAP systems contain over 2 million lines of custom code and most organizations run multiple systems. Manual reviews aren’t exactly practical. Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual security reviews with automated application security testing designed for SAP.

Scan up to 900,000 lines of code in one minute giving you results 25X faster than manual code reviews with 75% reduced errors going into production.


Automated Application Security Testing Custom Built for SAP to Solve Security Development Challenges

Onapsis Control secures and mitigates risk - from development to transport - for custom code intended for SAP production applications. Onapsis Control integrates with popular development environments and change management solutions to deliver automated security testing for SAP applications. With Onapsis Control, organizations can easily analyze internal or third-party custom code and transports throughout the development lifecycle to identify issues in the shortest possible time and before they can negatively impact system security, compliance, performance, or availability.

Automatically analyze code
in development

Including third-party code, with step-by-step remediation guidelines to protect environment from risk

Identify bad or
vulnerable transports 

Block and mitigate them prior to release. Eliminate the need to rewrite and reimport, reducing development time and cost 

Analyze custom code and automatically identify and fix issues

Quickly resolve the most common code  issues before they negatively impact system security, compliance, performance, or availability.

5 Reasons Why You Need Application Security Testing for Business-Critical SAP Applications

Download this whitepaper to learn why your organization should be building application security testing into its development lifecycle. You’ll better understand:

  • How security and development teams can partner to balance security and speed for digital transformations 
  • How to navigate issues regarding data and security audit compliance
  • How to eliminate blind spots when working with contractors and third-party developers

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Onapsis secures many of the Fortune 100. We can secure you too.


Control for Code

Identify and resolve security, compliance, and quality issues for in-house or third-party SAP custom code.


Control for Transports

Inspects the contents of SAP transport requests to avoid import errors, business outages, downgrades, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations.


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