The State of ERP Security

February 24, 2023

ERP Systems Are Complex, but ERP Security Doesn’t Have to be Complicated


Businesses use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, like SAP, to keep their critical business assets, data and IP in one place. While ERP systems unify platforms and departments, centralizing large enterprise data presents an attractive target for malicious actors. An interconnected system combined with inadequate ERP security increases the risk of attacks and makes ERP systems a prime target for adversaries.

To shed light on the state of ERP security in 2023, we have analyzed and observed threats and attacks targeting ERP applications. Learn about the state of ERP Security, strategies to maintain compliance, and how to better mitigate risk across your SAP landscape.

 This session covers:

  • The power and importance of business applications and why they are a target
  • Active and elevated SAP exploitation activity identified by Onapsis Research Labs
  • Fundamental concepts for SAP business-critical application cybersecurity & compliance
  •  Key strategies to maintain compliance and better mitigate risk across your SAP landscape


Aleck Brailsford

VP Americas Solution Architects
Aleck Brailsford leads our NA Sales engineering organization. He has close to 2 decades of experience in Cybersecurity working for organizations such as Lockheed and ACS. He has held leadership roles at companies such as BT, Cyberark and Tufin where he has evangelized on various aspects of Information Security.

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