SAP Cyber Hygiene Practices to Protect Your Enterprise’s Business Goals

January 4, 2024


As the undisputed market leader in business-critical application security for the past 14 years, Onapsis continues to drive the market forward with innovative product releases built to address evolving threats affecting SAP and Oracle applications. Every year, Onapsis releases new features and capabilities designed to improve visibility, facilitate easier collaboration and activities, and drive accelerated detection and response for the systems that matter most to an organization.

Join David D’Aprile, Vice President of Product Marketing, and Alex Horan, Vice President of Product Management for a look back at 2023’s release highlights including an in-depth first look at our Autumn 2023 release.


Gaurav Singh

SAP Cyber Security Manager
Under Armour

David D’Aprile

Vice President of Product Marketing

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